Summary of questions received so far


With your support, we finally have an Early Access date!
We appreciate your continued support!
Now, I have compiled answers to some of the questions we have received so far today.

Are you thinking of implementing a system that allows messages to be sent out in a speech bubble?

We are looking into implementing this.

Can I use my own 3D models and characters?

Of course you can import and use your own data for 3D/2D graphics and sound.
However, there are rules for creating materials and formats that can be used, so please follow those rules when creating your materials.
Please refer to the recent article and the manual for the rules.

About 3D/2D character creation tools.
At least as of EA, there are no character creation tools of any kind.

Can the battle system be customized?

You can customize it using Common Events and Battle Events.

Can I legally use the SMILE GAME BUILDER DLC?

Users who have already purchased the DLC for SMILE GAME BUILDER can use it without any problems. However, you will need to export it from SMILE GAME BUILDER itself and import it into RPG Developer Bakin.

Can I use game files from SMILE GAME BUILDER?

It is possible to use SMILE GAME BUILDER game files in RPG Developer Bakin.
However, they are not fully compatible and may not work exactly the same way.

Can I use data from Effekseer?

Yes, you can. You can use data created with the latest version 1.62e.

Is the Steam Workshop supported?

Yes, we support it. You can share game data you are working on or publish your completed game.

Is there a system for organizing resources, etc?

We have implemented a system for tagging resources and narrowing down the list by tag.

The feedback we are receiving on the threads is being used as a reference for development.
We cannot respond to all of them at the start of EA, but we are listening to your feedback and considering our plans for the future.

Thank you for your continued support!