About Free DLCs

Some of the assets of RPG Developer Bakin will be offered in the form of free DLCs.
For the free DLCs, please download them from Steam.
The downloaded DLC will be available for selection in the "Additional Menu" section of the "Asset Picker" in the tool.

Importing DLC

DLC assets obtained from Steam can be imported from the Asset Picker.
The most straightforward way to import is to import "stamps"".

  1. Click the Add button at Resources > 3D Stamps to open the Asset Picker.
    Asset Picker.png
  2. Select the DLC you want to use from the Additional Menu column, and the contents of the DLC will appear in the Assets column.
    Additional Menu.png
  3. Select the 3D/2D stamp folder and choose the assets you wish to import from it.

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