Specifications: Terrain Blocks

This is how to add terrain blocks.
Add texture images together in one folder.


File Formats that can be Added

The shape of the terrain block is determined by the program.
Only texture images are to be added as assets.
A single face of a single block texture can be made up to 128x128 pixels.
(The maximum size can be changed in the "Unit Size" of the terrain properties.)


The maximum size is also overridden by the size specified in "Map Settings > Basic > Texture Settings > Resolution".
If the terrain property is specified as 128, but the resolution in the map settings is 64, it will be rendered as 64 pixels in the map editor.


Normal Map Textures and Mask Map Textures

If you have a normal map and a mask map, place them in the same folder as the albedo (color) map texture so that they are automatically loaded when the albedo texture is loaded.
In order to have it automatically loaded, the normal map must be suffixed with "_normal" and the mask map must be suffixed with "_mask".


Preparation of Folder to be Added (1): When exporting system assets

Terrain textures for system assets in the reserved folder can be exported to an external folder for use.

  1. From the List of Terrain Blocks, select the terrain block you wish to export.
    You can also select an entire category from the "Terrain Category" section.
    Categories are tabs in the list of map parts.
  2. Press the Export button on the list menu.
  3. When the "Select the folder to export to" dialog box appears, select the folder to export to from Explorer and press the "Select Folder" button.
  4. A folder for the selected terrain block will be created in the selected folder, and the PNG files will be exported to that folder.
    Exported textures (PNG files) can be modified by image editing software.

Preparation of Folder to be Added (2): To prepare a new one

Before adding textures, prepare an appropriate folder for addition and place all the textures in the folder.


How to Add

Let's look at the basic steps for adding grass terrain.

  1. Click the Add button under "Resources -> Terrains," select the terrain texture you wish to add in the asset picker, and click "Add and Exit.
    If "SameFilename_normal" and "SameFilename_mask" exist, they will be loaded automatically even if you do not select them.
  2. A terrain stamp has been added. Continue to specify the terrain stamp.
  3. Configure various settings.
    In this example, the texture size is 128, so specify " Unit Size" as 128.
    In this example, a mask map is provided, but if no mask map is available, a simple texture can be selected with a "material map".
    Please see the Material Map section below for more information.
    Material Map.png
    Attribute settings are also available.
    Special Settings.png
    Specify "Traversable: YES" since the terrain is normally passable.
    Specify "Liquid: NO" since it is not a liquid.
    "Round Corners: YES" because it is a natural type of terrain.
    For man-made terrain, such as blocks or marble, NO will not round the corners.
    If sound effects are available, specify them in "Sound Effects".
    When the player character walks on the terrain, the specified sound effects will be played.
    This completes the basic terrain setup.
  4. Once specified, select the terrain stamp you created in the Map Editor and paint it on a map.

Asset Data Settings

You can specify optional settings for the added terrain blocks, such as rounded corners when raised, traversable/non-traversable, etc.
This is also where you specify whether you want it to be a stairs or a slope.

  1. Select "Resources" > "Terrains."
  2. In the Terrain List, select the terrain block to specify. On the right side of the preview, under "Terrain Model Attributes," you will see the current specs, which you can change if necessary.

About Terrain Model Attributes

Attach file: file地形25.png 15 download [Information] fileマテリアルマップ.png 9 download [Information] fileテクスチャ設定.png 9 download [Information] fileノーマルマップ.png 11 download [Information] fileエクスポート.png 13 download [Information] file追加方法2.png 14 download [Information] file追加方法1.png 12 download [Information] file追加方法3.png 9 download [Information] filespecial.png 13 download [Information] file地形26.png 9 download [Information] file地形21.png 3 download [Information] file地形20.png 6 download [Information] file地形19.png 9 download [Information] file地形18.png 10 download [Information] file地形17.png 4 download [Information] file地形16.png 4 download [Information] file地形15.png 5 download [Information] file地形14.png 5 download [Information] file地形13.png 4 download [Information] file地形12.png 3 download [Information] file地形11.png 15 download [Information] file地形10.png 4 download [Information] file地形9.png 4 download [Information] file地形8.png 11 download [Information] file地形7.png 14 download [Information] file地形6.png 11 download [Information] file地形5.png 7 download [Information] file地形4.png 4 download [Information] file地形3.png 5 download [Information] file地形2.png 7 download [Information] file地形1.png 8 download [Information] file底の繰り返し.png 9 download [Information] file中間の繰り返し.png 11 download [Information] file単位サイズ.png 7 download [Information] file最大サイズEN.png 12 download [Information] fileTerrains.png 12 download [Information] fileState Changes.png 7 download [Information] fileSpecial Settings.png 9 download [Information] fileRound Corners.png 8 download [Information] fileMaterial Map.png 9 download [Information] fileBasic.png 12 download [Information] fileAttributes.png 5 download [Information] fileAsset Picker.png 3 download [Information] fileAdd.png 6 download [Information] file水プレビュー.png 9 download [Information] file水.png 8 download [Information] file角を丸めるYES.png 15 download [Information] file角を丸めるNO.png 11 download [Information] file階段.png 3 download [Information] file液体YESNO.png 13 download [Information] fileテクスチャ壁3段中間.png 3 download [Information] fileテクスチャ壁3段 底.png 4 download [Information] fileテクスチャ土三段.png 4 download [Information] fileテクスチャ3段赤タイル.png 3 download [Information]

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