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Exclusive downloadable content (DLC) that can be used to create games in "RPG Developer Bakin" is introduced. The DLC includes various sets of character model data and world-oriented 3D model packs, which will be added.

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Assets DLC

Western Pack

The Western Pack is a 3D model resource pack inspired by the undeveloped lands of the American West in the late 19th century.
All building and interior models are divided into detailed parts, which users can combine to create their own unique exteriors and rooms.
There are also models of firearms, which are indispensable for western style scenes, and a variety of accessories that decorate rooms.


Ancient Pack

This 3D model resource pack allows you to create mysterious structures and mysterious spaces such as ancient stone temples and altars.
There are 118 models and parts for exterior, interior, plants, etc., and variations for some models (total of 18 variations). Six sample maps using these data are also included.


Modern City Pack

The Modern City Pack is a 3D model resource pack containing modern city-inspired buildings, vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, and small objects such as traffic lights, crosswalks, and fences.


House Pack Vol.1

This 3D model resource pack allows you to combine multiple parts to create private homes of various types and sizes.


Effect Pack Vol.1

This particle effect resource pack for RPG Developer Bakin includes field effects such as rain, fog, snowstorms and other natural phenomena, fairies and divine lights that are essential for creating the atmosphere of maps, and battle effects such as magic and slashing attacks that are crucial for battle effects.


Sound Pack Vol.1

Sound Pack Vol. 1 is a sound resource pack for RPG Developer Bakin that includes BGM, BGS (environmental sounds), ME, and SE (sound effects) in one package.


Ruins Pack Vol.1

This is a 3D model resource pack of altars, stone statues, crystals, and jewels that might be found in ancient ruins. 18 types in total.


Ruins Pack Vol.2"

Ruins Pack Vol. 2 is a 3D resource pack that allows you to create ancient temple-like buildings by combining multiple parts such as columns, walls, and foundations. 39 types in total.


Outdoor Building Pack Vol.1

Outdoor Building Pack Vol. 1 is a 3D model resource pack containing medieval European-style windmills, clock towers, watchtowers, and other buildings useful for creating towns and villages where people live.


Nature Pack Vol.1

Nature Pack Vol. 1 is a 3D model resource pack of plants, including broadleaf and needleleaf trees, grasses, water plants, and mushrooms, which are indispensable for natural map production.


Nature Pack Vol.2

This is a 3D model resource pack of rocks and stones, essential for creating naturally shaped terrain. 48 models in total (including variations)


Landmark Pack Vol.1

This 3D model resource pack contains scaled models of buildings and landscapes such as castles, towers, villages, caves, etc., that are likely to become landmarks on the overall map.
15 types in total.


Furnitures & Ornaments Pack Vol.1

This 3D model resource pack contains a total of 168 types of Western and Japanese style furniture and decorations to decorate indoor maps.


Furnitures & Ornaments Pack Vol.2

Furnitures & Ornaments Pack Vol. 2 is a 3D model resource pack with furniture and various accessories needed to create interior maps of medieval European-style houses.
There are 108 models in total.


Demons Castle Pack Vol.1

This 3D model resource pack contains 13 different models of statues of evil gods, altars, bookshelves containing magic books, and other items that might be found in a demon king's castle.


Castle Pack Vol.1

Castle Pack Vol. 1 is a 3D model source pack for RPG Developer Bakin that allows you to create Western-style castles by combining various parts such as towers, exterior walls, and exterior windows.
Eight finished samples are also available for immediate use in your work.


Use Downloaded Assets

Downloaded assets will appear in the "Additional Menu" of the Asset Picker. Please select and specify the assets you need each time.

Attach file: fileSoundPackVol.1_460x215.jpg 101 download [Information] fileWesternPackVol.1_460x215.jpg 108 download [Information] fileRuinsPackVol.2_460x215.jpg 97 download [Information] fileRuinsPackVol.1_460x215.jpg 121 download [Information] fileOutdoorBuildingPackVol.1_460x215.jpg 100 download [Information] fileNaturePackVol.2_460x215.jpg 116 download [Information] fileModernCityPackVol.1_460x215.jpg 110 download [Information] fileLandmarkPackVol.1_460x215.jpg 101 download [Information] fileHousePackVol.1_460x215.jpg 101 download [Information] fileFurnitures&OrnamentsPackVol.3_460x215.jpg 42 download [Information] fileFurnitures&OrnamentsPackVol.2_460x215.jpg 83 download [Information] fileFurnitures&OrnamentsPackVol.1_460x215.jpg 81 download [Information] fileEffectPackVol.1_460x215.jpg 111 download [Information] fileDemonsCastlePackVol.1_460x215.jpg 105 download [Information] fileCastlePackVol.1_460x215.jpg 100 download [Information] filebanner_460x215.jpg 114 download [Information] fileAncientPackVol.1_460x215.jpg 14 download [Information]

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