What you can do with the Resource Menu "Images"

Here you can see the basic elements of 2D images (textures).


Image Setting Options

Images List.png

Image List / Right-Click Menu

Right-click in the image list to view.


Texture Preview

This is a preview screen of textures. You can check the selected texture in the "Image List".

Images Texture Preview.png

Texture Settings

Specify detailed texture settings.

Images Texture Settings.png
2D Settings.png

Attach file: fileRight.png 17 download [Information] file2D Settings.png 60 download [Information] fileImages.png 54 download [Information] fileImages Texture Settings.png 49 download [Information] fileImages Texture Preview.png 54 download [Information] fileImages List.png 50 download [Information] fileImages List Right.png 56 download [Information]

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