What you can do in the Resource menu " Physics Settings"

In the Resource menu, the physics settings allow you to create physics judgments and set up swaying to the bones.

Physics Settings.png

Physics Setting Options

Physics Settings List.png

Physics Settings List / Right-Click Menu

Right-click in the Physics Settings list to view.


Physics Setting Preview

This is the preview screen of the physics setting. Confirms the physics setting.

Physics SettingsPreview.png

Physics Settings

This section provides detailed settings for physics settings.

Physlcs Settings tab.png
Physlcs Settings Shape.png

[Box] Use a box shape.
[Sphere] Use a spherical shape.
[Capsule] Use a capsule shape.
[Mesh] Select and use a model for collision.
[Vehicle] Use a collision setting specified for automobiles.

Physlcs Settings Shape type.png

[Collision] This is a type of physics setting that follows the bone.
[RigidBody] This is a type of physics setting that operates according to the laws of physics.
[Kinematic] This is a type of physics setting that can be the parent of a RigidBody and follows the bones.
[Trigger] This is a setting that acts as a trigger when other objects touch this physics setting. (Used in combination with events).
[Control] This is a special type of physics setting that is specified for character manipulation collisions, etc.
    When moving as a player character or event character, this Control type physical object is the target of manipulation, so attach this type of physical object to the base of the model's hierarchical structure.
    (If it is generated as a character or event, it will be [RigidBody]; if it is generated as a map object, it will be [Collision].

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