Placed List Palette

This is a list of objects and events placed on the map that can be managed in one place. From here, you can change the position and size of the object or load them into the event editor.


Feature Description

The Placed List palette has the following features:

List Entries

The Placement List contains a variety of different types of entries.


The selected entry in the list can be edited from the "Properties" that appear. Editable elements depend on the type of entry.


Attach file: filePlaced_List_Pallete_Add.png 52 download [Information] filePlaced_List_Pallete_Light.png 56 download [Information] filePlacedList_BatchRename.png 54 download [Information] filePlaced_List_Pallete.png 54 download [Information] fileProperties.png 79 download [Information] filePlaced List.png 73 download [Information] fileLight Properties.png 85 download [Information]

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