Main Menu

Ctrl+S		Save
Ctrl+Z		Undo
Ctrl+Y		Redo
Ctrl+X		Cut
Ctrl+C		Copy
Ctrl+V		Paste(Objects floated in midair are pasted while maintaining their absolute height)
Ctrl+Shift+V	Paste the floated objects in the air to the specified location on the ground level
del		Delete
Ctrl+Shift+U	Raise Up Entire Map
Ctrl+Shift+D	Lower Down Entire Map
Ctrl+Shift+O	Adjust Elevation of Entire Map
Ctrl+Shift+R	Specify Entire Map as Elevation 1
Alt+P		Test Play
Ctrl+R		Test Play
F2		Post-Effect ON/OFF
F9		Open Database

Map Editor

Ctrl+F		Open Event Search Dialog
Esc		Terrain: Rectangle Selection
1(full key)	Terrain: Rectangle Selection
2(full key)	Terrain: Trace Selection
3(full key)	Terrain: Enclose Selection
4(full key)	Terrain: Same Type Selection
5(full key)	Terrain: Same Elevation Selection
0~9(numeric keypad)Elevation forced 0 to 9 (4x while holding down ALT)
F		Show the specified object in the center of the screen
P		Pen
O		Fill
I		Eyedropper
U		Eraser
M		Manipulator ON/OFF
W		Manipulator "Position"
E		Manipulator "Rotation"
R		Manipulator "Scale"
+		Raise Y-position of selected terrain/object/event by 0.25
-		Lower Y-position of selected terrain/object/event by 0.25
Alt+↑		Move the work camera up
Alt+↓		Move the work camera down
Alt+←		Move the work camera left
Alt+→		Move the work camera right
Alt+PgUp	Zoom the work camera in
Alt+PgDown	Zoom the work camera out
Right click drag		Fix the gazing point of the working camera and move the map
Scroll center wheel		Zoom in/out the working camera
Shift+Right click drag		XZ-axis pan of the working camera
Shift+Right click drag+Alt	Panning the Y axis while the work camera is panning the XZ axis

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