Stamps Palette

This palette allows you to select various stamps to be used when editing the map.
The stamps selected here are placed in the map editor.



Stamps Palette.png


This is where the terrain stamps are selected to build the walls and floors of the fields, dungeons, and rooms.


This is where objects stamps are selected to be placed on the terrain, such as building parts, furniture, roads, and stairs. The water surface and the skydome, which is the celestial sphere of the map, are also objects.


Each folder contains stamps that have been templated for easy use of commonly used events in RPGs and casts specified in "Casts" in the "Database" section.

Event Templates

Once selected and placed on the map editor, each template is displayed and graphics, dialogues, etc. can be specified.
In addition, all stamps that can be selected here can be converted to custom events.
Conversion will allow you to specify more detailed settings, but will not restore the way they were specified in the template.


This is a group of stamps with template events that do not move on maps.


This is a group of stamps with template events for moving around on maps.


This is a group of stamps with template events related to stores, inns, etc.


This is a group of stamps with templated events that bring about some change by examining them.


This is a group of stamps in which events with physics-based motion are templated.


This is a group of stamps with template events that move to other locations by contact or examination.


This is a group of stamps with templates of events that can be used to solve puzzles and gimmicks.


This is a group of stamps with template events that control game functions, such as saves and encounters.


Select a cast to place on the map editor.
The cast stamp selected here does not have an event specified, so the event will be specified in the event editor after placement.

Attach file: filestationary-AddtotheParty.png 18 download [Information] fileStationary-MovetotheLeftwithanItem.png 15 download [Information] fileWalking-AddtotheParty.png 15 download [Information] fileWalking-Converstation(RightCharacterSpeaksFirst).png 16 download [Information] fileWalking-GivethePleyeranItem.png 16 download [Information] fileWalking-Question.png 18 download [Information] fileSlowlyWalking-Question.png 17 download [Information] fileWalking-SpeaktoBattele(Escapable).png 16 download [Information] fileStore-PlaceattheCounter.png 15 download [Information] fileInn-PlaceattheCounter.png 7 download [Information] fileStationary-TravelingMerchant.png 15 download [Information] fileStationary-TravelingInnkeeper.png 15 download [Information] fileDoor-LinktoAnother Place.png 10 download [Information] fileDoor-OpenwithanItem.png 8 download [Information] fileDoor-OpenwithMatchingPassword.png 16 download [Information] fileCastleDoor-LinktoAnotherPlace.png 14 download [Information] filePrisonDoor-OpenwithanItem.png 14 download [Information] fileLabyrinth-DoorLinktoAnotherPlace.png 15 download [Information] fileTowerDoor-LinktoAnotherPlace.png 14 download [Information] fileWell-LinktoAnotherPlace.png 19 download [Information] fileBlueButton-Door.png 15 download [Information] fileDoor-Open with the Specified EventSwitch.png 7 download [Information] filePushable-Box.png 14 download [Information] fileBreakble-Block with Item.png 16 download [Information] fileSave-Point.png 15 download [Information] fileInvisible Wall.png 12 download [Information] fileStamps_Palette_EN.png 35 download [Information] fileField Monster.png 19 download [Information] fileSave Point.png 37 download [Information] fileEnding Staff Credits.png 41 download [Information] fileEnableDisable Monster Encounters(with Item).png 35 download [Information] fileDisable Save Function.png 30 download [Information] filePushable Box.png 28 download [Information] fileDoor Open with the Specified EventSwitch.png 23 download [Information] fileDisplaying Message on Contact(Top).png 33 download [Information] fileBreakble Block with Item.png 27 download [Information] fileBlue Button.png 33 download [Information] fileBlue Button Door.png 31 download [Information] fileAuto Message(Top).png 40 download [Information] fileAll Purpose Button.png 32 download [Information] fileAll Purpose Button Treasure Chest Message.png 34 download [Information] fileAll Purpose Button Treasure Chest Get Money.png 35 download [Information] fileWellLinktoAnotherPlace.png 35 download [Information] fileTowerDoorLinktoAnotherPlace.png 30 download [Information] fileStairsLinktoAnotherPlace.png 40 download [Information] fileStairsFuntion(PlancedonStairsoftheTerrain).png 36 download [Information] filePrisonDoorOpenwithanItem.png 32 download [Information] fileLabyrinthDoorLinktoAnotherPlace.png 29 download [Information] fileDoorOpenwithMatchingPIN.png 25 download [Information] fileDoorOpenwithMatchingPassword.png 25 download [Information] fileDoorLinktoAnotherPlece.png 23 download [Information] fileCastleDoorLinktoAnotherPlace.png 30 download [Information] fileStamps Palette.png 28 download [Information] filePushableEvent.png 30 download [Information] fileVaseGetMoney.png 28 download [Information] fileTreasureChestMessage.png 37 download [Information] fileTreasureChestGetMoney.png 31 download [Information] fileTreasureChestEmpty.png 12 download [Information] fileTreasureChestChecktoBattle(Escapable).png 34 download [Information] fileTebleMessage.png 35 download [Information] fileTableGetItem.png 31 download [Information] fileStuffedToyMessage.png 22 download [Information] fileSparkleontheGroundGetImportantItem.png 31 download [Information] fileSignMessage.png 26 download [Information] fileGraveMessage.png 29 download [Information] fileDresserMessage.png 32 download [Information] fileDresserGetMoney.png 34 download [Information] fileBedRecover.png 32 download [Information] fileStationaryTravelingMerchant.png 24 download [Information] fileStationaryTravelingInnkeeper.png 24 download [Information] fileInnCurePoisonPlanceattheConuter.png 35 download [Information] fileWalkingSpeaktoBattele(Escapable).png 22 download [Information] fileWalkingQuestion.png 24 download [Information] fileWalkingGivethePleyeranItem.png 23 download [Information] fileWalkingConverstation(RightCharacterSpeaksFirst).png 27 download [Information] fileWalkingAddtotheParty.png 21 download [Information] fileSlowlyWalkingQuestion.png 24 download [Information] filestationarySpeaktoBattle(Escapabel).png 34 download [Information] filestationaryQuestion.png 25 download [Information] filestationaryMovetotheLeftwithanitem.png 30 download [Information] filestationaryGivethePlayeranItem.png 37 download [Information] filestationaryConversation(RightCharacterSpealsFirst).png 27 download [Information] filestationaryAddtotheParty.png 27 download [Information]

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