Steam Workshop

The Steam Workshop is a place where fans of the tool and community members can participate in creating content for games.
RPG Developer Bakin allows users to publish their own work and share various assets.

Register and set up your work for publication in the Steam Workshop using the publication tool.

Click on "New Upload.

Select the game file you wish to upload from "Select the Game File" and click the OK button.

Compression and uploading of content will begin.

Select the uploaded game file from "Game Title" and click "Publish Settings" to specify various settings.

Delete published data

Select the game file you wish to delete from the list.

Click the "Delete" button.

Subscribe to user works

To download other users' game files, you must subscribe in advance on the Steam Workshop page.
Select the game file you wish to subscribe to from the following page.

Click on "Subscribe".

Select "Steam Workshop" from the Top Menu.

Once you see the subscribed game file in the list, select the game file and click "Rename and Save Project".

Name the file as you wish and download the file.

After the download is complete, extract the compressed file to a folder of your choice and load it from "Local PC".

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