Edit of Text Decoration/Command Input Support


FunctionCommandExample FormatNote
Font Size\z[000]\z[200]Size
Font Color\c[000000]\c[ff0000]Red\c[0000ff]Blue\cOriginal ColorThe same color codes can be used as in HTML.
Ruby on the Single Letter Immediately After\rRuby\r[ふ]振りRuby is applied above a single letter "振".
Ruby for Specified Strings\r\r[Put Ruby,You can type whatever you like.]The string before the comma is followed by the string after the comma as ruby
0.5 Second Wait\wW\wa\wi\wtShow Conversation
Specified Seconds Wait\w[0.25]W\w[0.25]a\w[0.5]i\w[0.75]tDisplayed in specified seconds.
Instant Display\>\>Instant Display\<
Waiting for Input\!Wait for the string to be displayed until a keystroke is made.
Close Automatically\^\w[1]\^The window will automatically close after the string is finished displaying.
Display the Value of a Variable\$[Variable Name]
Display Cast's Name\H[Name on Database]
Blink Speed\blspd[sec]Interval to perform blink (seconds)
Blink Rate\blrate[%]Probability of performing a blink (specified in %)
Lip-synch Speed\lipspd[%]Specify the lip-sync speed (1 is constant speed, 0.5 is half speed, and 2 is double speed)
Name Box (Left)\NPL[Speaker Name]
Name Box (Center)\NPL[Speaker Name]
Name Box (Right)\NPL[Speaker Name]

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Last-modified: 2022-10-29 (Sat) 02:12:09