Edit of Text Decoration/Command Input Support

In event panels that display text on the screen, such as "Display Conversation," control letters with various effects can be placed within the text.
Click on the "Input Support" button in the respective event panel and enter the appropriate control letters for your purpose. Then, specify the necessary parameters for each control letter.


FunctionCommandExample FormatNote
Bold\b\bBold\bFor example, if you write the following, the "italicized" parts of the text will be displayed in "bold and italicized".
\bBold and \iItalic\i\b
Font Size\z[000]\z[200]Size\z
Font Color\c[000000]\c[ff0000]Red\c[0000ff]Blue\cOriginal ColorThe same color codes can be used as in HTML.
Ruby on the Single Letter Immediately After\rIt's \r[Thousand]1,000.The word "Thousand" appears above the 1,000.
Ruby for Specified Strings\r\r[Put ruby above the sentence.,You can type whatever you like.]The string written after the comma is applied as ruby on top of the string before the comma.
0.5 Second Wait\wW\wa\wi\wtShow Conversation
Specified Seconds Wait\w[0.25]W\w[0.25]a\w[0.5]i\w[0.75]tDisplayed in specified seconds.
Instant Display\>\>Instant Display\<
Waiting for Input\!Wait for the string to be displayed until a keystroke is made.
Close Automatically\^\w[1]\^The window will automatically close after the string is finished displaying.
Display the Value of a Variable\$[Variable Name]Enter the name of the numerical or string variable in []. The contents of numeric variables are displayed as letters.
Display the Value of a Array Variable\$[Variable Name][Index]An index is the value of the pointer to an array variable.
Display the Value of a Local Variable\$L[Variable Name]Enter the name of the local variable in [].
Display Cast's Name\H[Name on Database]In [], enter the name of that cast as specified in Database > Casts.
Blink Speed\blspd[sec]\blspd[0.2]Interval to perform blink (seconds)
Blink Rate\blrate[%]\blrate[30]Probability of performing a blink (specified in %)
Lip-synch Speed\lipspd[%]\lipspd[0.6]Specify the lip-sync speed (1 is constant speed, 0.5 is half speed, and 2 is double speed)
Name Box (Left)\NPL[Speaker Name]\NPL[Ken]In order to display the name box, it is necessary to specify a layout part to display the name in the conversation and message screens of the Layout Tool.
Please refer to the default layout of each screen.
Name Box (Center)\NPL[Speaker Name]\NPC[Luna]
Name Box (Right)\NPL[Speaker Name]\NPR[Cyrus]

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