Bakin DLC Ambassador Program Information

Since the release of the Early Access version of "RPG Developer Bakin" in October 2022, we have been developing it every day for the release of the full version, with the support of many users. In addition to improving "RPG Developer Bakin" itself, we would like to continue to increase the range of downloadable content (DLC), which will add color to the work.

Therefore, we have recruited "Bakin DLC Ambassadors" who will work with us to test and promote DLCs and spread the word about "RPG Developer Bakin" and the DLCs until July 4, 2024. Those who participate in this project will not only be the first to try out these DLCs, but will also receive free copies of targeted DLCs.

We will contact you on July 16, 2024 (tentative) if you have been selected as an ambassador to share the excitement of "RPG Developer Bakin" with as many people as possible.

Bakin DLC Ambassador Program Application Guidelines

- Bakin DLC Ambassador Recruitment Quota

・Small number of people (Application period has ended)

- Bakin DLC Ambassador Activities

・We invite qualified Ambassadors to join our exclusive Discord server.
・We will ask for your participation to test a DLC via Discord approximately once a month, and if you are able to participate, you will be asked to review the DLC and provide feedback within an assigned period (approximately 1-2 weeks).
・You will be asked to promote the DLC on your social networking and video sharing sites during the period before and after the release of the targeted DLC (approximately 2 weeks). In addition, the content of the posts is unrestricted as long as it does not violate public order and morality.
・The Ambassadors will be active from July 2024 to January 2025.
・The distributed DLC will be given away and can be used freely.

- Eligibility for Application

・You must be a creator of content using "RPG Developer Bakin". (published or unpublished)
・Have an account on a social networking/video sharing site (X, Facebook, Weibo, YouTube, Bilibili, Twitch, TikTok, etc., excluding private/pay-per-view)
・Must be able to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with us upon appointment as an Ambassador.
・Must have a Discord account (all communication regarding the Ambassador Program will take place on Discord).
・Must be able to review and provide feedback on the targeted DLC during the assigned period.
・Must be able to promote the targeted DLC on their social networking sites, etc. during the assigned period.
・Must be able to communicate in either Japanese or English.

- Program Schedule

Ambassador Application Period: June 20 (Thur.) - July 4 (Thur.) (Application Closed)
・Ambassador Candidate Announcement: Scheduled for July 16 (Tue.)
・Ambassador NDA Signing Deadline: Scheduled for July 23 (Tue.)
・First DLC Test Participant Requirement Notification: Scheduled for July 24 (Wed.)
・First DLC Test Participant Deadline: Scheduled for July 31 (Wed.)
・First DLC Test/Feedback Period: Scheduled for August 1 (Thur.) - August 15 (Thu.)

*Additional dates will be announced as needed.
*The above schedule is subject to change.

- Notes

・Ambassador Program status is not transferable to others.
・Steam keys for DLC distributed through the Ambassador Program are not transferable to others.
・If we receive many applications, we will select based on our selection process. Please note that even in such cases, we will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding selection criteria or results.
・Notification of Ambassador selection will be sent to the email address provided on the application form. Please note that we will not send notification to those who do not qualify to become an Ambassador.
・Ambassador appointments will be confirmed upon execution of an NDA. In addition, please note that your name (real name) and home address are required to sign the NDA. The NDA will also be posted on this page at a later date.
-- Bakin DLC Ambassador Non-Disclosure Agreement (English, edition of July 2, 2024)
Please note, however, that the contents of this NDA are based on our current plans and are subject to change at the time of actual execution.
・Even if you are selected/appointed as an Ambassador, your Ambassador status may be revoked for failure to sign the NDA or for subsequent activities (e.g., failure to submit videos or social networking posts, failure to follow posting rules, etc.).
・The Ambassador Program will take place on a dedicated Discord server, so please register for a Discord account. We will also send you an invitation to join the dedicated server after you sign an NDA and ask you to join.
・You are not required to participate in all programs during your Ambassadorship. We will confirm your availability to participate in the program in advance. Please note, however, that if you do not participate in the program, the targeted DLC will not be distributed.
・Some specifications of the DLC distributed during testing may differ from the final product version. Fixes and specification changes may be made based on your feedback, but will be updated when the final version is released and will be equivalent to the product version.
・Please note that there will be no rewards for Ambassadors other than the DLC to be distributed.
・We may introduce your SNS/video sharing site accounts and post your videos and SNS postings on the official "RPG Developer Bakin" website and SNS.
・Personal information collected on the Ambassador Application Form and other forms will only be used to administer the RPG Developer Bakin Ambassador Program and will not be used for any other purpose. Please read our privacy policy here .

- How to Apply (Application period has ended)

Please read the notes and apply using the application form below.
Please include your name (nickname is acceptable), email address, SNS/video sharing site account, history of using "RPG Developer Bakin", genre of game you created, and your published works.

The application form is created by Google Forms.