*Game Definition Overview [#rb1640ba]
In the "Game Definition" section, you can specify basic information about the game you are creating, such as the game title, operating methods, and common terminology.
The entries that can be specified here are as follows.

-''[[Start Settings]]''
Specify the starting position of the game, the composition of the members, the equipment they initially have, and the money they have.

-''[[Rules and Operation]]''
-''[[Rules and Operations]]''
Specify basic game settings, such as how the main cast is controlled, how many items he/she has, how many save files and so on.

-''[[Project Settings]]''
Specify the game title and icon, as well as the resolution, quality, and volume default settings for the game execution.

-''[[Common Terms]]''
The terminology used in the game can be changed to match the game content.

-''[[System Resources]]''
Manage and specify sound effects, background music, and in-game images used in the game system.

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