*System Resources [#v722bc64]

Change data for system sound effects, message windows, battle commands, etc. used during the game.
The following fields can be specified. Click on the field you wish to change, then select the part or file you wish to specify from the asset picker.

-''System Sound Effect Settings''
--Cursor Movement
--Input String
--Delete Text
--Use Item
--Level Up
--Purchase Items
--Sell Items
--Escape Succeeded
--Monster Disappearance
--Use Skill
--Open Main Menu
--Close Main Menu

-''System BGM Settings''
--Game Over
--When Won the Battles
--When Stayed at Inns

-''Screen Transition Effects''
--Specify the motion created by the "Sprite Tool".
--When Leaving Maps
--When Entering Maps
--When Starting Battles (This is the effect of entering the battle from the map (until it goes dark).)
--When Finishing Battles (This is the effect when returning to the map after the Battle Result is displayed (until it goes dark).)

-''Message Related''
--Render Container Window
You can specify a default image when placing Containers for Rendering in the Layout Tool.

--Menu Window
You can specify a default image when placing Container for Entry Selection in the Layout Tool.

--Selection Background
--Selection Frame

-''Menu and Other Operations''
--Page Position Current
--Page Position
--Player Icon on Simplified Map
You can specify an icon to display the player's position on the mini map.

-''Current Location Map''
--Event Image 1 to 10
You can specify icons to be displayed on the mini map.
Specify the icon specified here in the "Image for Displaying Map" on the event sheet.
When you create a new project, if you have specified "Normal" for the amount of assets, you will find the icon image in Resources > Images > BasicSet > Icons.

-''Battle Command Related''
--Escape Icon
--Back Icon
--New Icon

-''During Battles''
--Numbers for Damages
--Foot Effect on Turns
--Skill Chanting Effect

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