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RPG Developer Bakin

RPG Developer Bakin (hereafter Bakin) is a game development tool that allows anyone to enjoy creating RPGs with intuitive operation and advanced features without programming. It includes a map editor, camera tool, and other tools to help you create your game, as well as graphics and sound assets that you can make your game from the day you purchase it. Games created can be distributed royalty-free with or without compensation. Now, bring “your vision of the world” to life with Bakin!


Create the world you envision freely!

Place terrains such as grasslands, cobblestones, and wooden floors to raise and lower the ground to create a difference in elevation. The overgrown flowers and grasses, the large rocks that block the way, the houses that decorate the cityscape, and the furniture in the rooms are all putted on there. The map that serves as the stage for the game can be easily created as if drawing with a pen. The objects on the map can be placed anywhere, enlarged, reduced, and transformed at will. You can also customize models by combining objects such as houses, windows, and balconies.


Create impressive scenes with easy-to-use effect functions!

With Bakin, you can change the scenery from day to night, from sunny to rainy, or create cinematic scenes with deep fog or perspective effects using blurring. Advanced effect functions such as bloom, DoF (depth of field), ambient, and fog are available, as well as data for presets that combine them. Switch between scenes with a click, or make detailed adjustments to create your ideal setting, Bakin does it all for you.


effect disabled
effect enabled

Programming is not necessary! All you need are ideas!

Bakin does not require any programming knowledge. By simply combining “Event Panels,” which have various functions such as having conversations, playing sounds, teleporting the player/events, and branching out with selections, you can control what happens in the story and during battles. In addition, common RPG events such as “joining the party,” “obtaining items,” and “moving between maps” are pre-templated and can be used by just filling in the required fields, such as character dialogue, items available, and destinations.


Create your own inhabitants for your world!

Bakin has a database function that provides the ability to determine in detail the main characters, monsters, skills, items, and various other data in the game. If you are interested in creating a game, all you will see in the database are familiar settings. Surely all the data can be produced immediately. Create to your heart’s content the inhabitants of the world you envision, the monsters that stand in your way, as well as magic and classes.


3D models, character graphics, and other game asset DLCs are available!

A variety of assets to build the stages of the game and enhance the story, such as 3D models, character graphics, particle effects, sound data, etc., are included in the package or as exclusive free DLCs. In addition, optional DLCs can be purchased separately to create an even richer world. Of course, you can also import and use your own 3D models, dot characters, illustrations, and sounds.


Sample Game for Operation Check

This game is an exported version of a work created by “RPG Developer Bakin” using the “Published Work Export” function. This is to check the operation of the program when run on your PC environment, and all contents are under development. We do not guarantee the operation of this game.


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1) Unzip the downloaded ZIP file.
2) Execute “RPGDeveloperBakin_SampleProject.exe” in the folder.



About Windows Warnings

If the following warning screen from Windows appears at startup,

click on “More info” and press the “Run anyway” button.

We will work to improve these issues so that there will be no warnings in future correspondence.



OS: Microsoft® Windows10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Graphic board that works with OpenGL 4.4 or higher
Storage: 8 GB available space

OS: Microsoft® Windows10 (64bit)
Processor: Core i5-8400 / Ryzen 5 1500X  or better
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX1650 AMD Radeon™ RX570
Storage: 8 GB available space

— Additional Notes
Performance is not guaranteed under a virtual or emulated environment.
In some cases, this tool will not launch unless the sound utility “Nahimic” is stopped.