Questions about RPG Developer Bakin

Hello everyone!

We have received various questions about RPG Developer Bakin since its announcement. Although we have answered them individually, we would like to However we have answered them individually, we would like to summarize our answers to the most frequently asked questions about Bakin.

1) Can we create plug-ins?

It is possible to create plug-ins using C# scripts. However, at the time of the Early Access start, the reference and other systems are not yet prepared enough, so please consider it as a beta function. Important parts within the tool are also produced as plug-ins.

2) Can we use 3D as well as 2D characters?

Yes, you can use both types.

3) Can we port to platforms other than PC?

We are currently looking into making this happen in the future, as we did with Smile Game Builder, in the form of an Exporter for Unity.

4) Do you plan to localize your tool into other languages other than Japanese-English?

Yes, we are planning to do so. we are still discussing when and in which languages.

5) When is the release date?

This is something we cannot say at this time. But we do not intend to keep you waiting that long.

That's all for now!

Our development team is very encouraged by your feedback!
Thank you for your continued support of RPG Developer Bakin!