*What you can do with 2D Stamps [#q2410794]

2D Stamps in the Resource menu allows you to register slice animations for casts, create sprite data, and manage image data.

#ref(./2D Stamps.png,50%)

**2D Stamp Setting Options [#sf4f6042]

''2D Stamp List''

This is a list of registered 2D stamps.
The stamps registered in this list will be reflected in the stamp list in the Map Editor.

#ref(2D Stamps List.png)
- ''Add Button''
Call up the added data (slice animation, sprite data, etc.) and register it as a stamp.

- ''Folder Button''
Add a folder to manage stamps.
Multiple selected stamps can be grouped into a folder, and stamps can be moved by drag & drop after adding a folder.

- ''Copy Button''
Copy the selected stamps.

- ''Paste Button''
Paste the selected stamps.

- ''Trash Button''
Delete the selected stamps.

''2D Stamp List / Right-Click Menu''

Right-click in the 2D stamp list to view.

#ref(2D Stamps List Right.png)
- ''Cut''
Cut out the selected stamp.

- ''Copy''
Copy the selected stamps.

- ''Paste''
Cut and paste the copied stamps.

- ''Delete''
Delete the selected stamps.

- ''Rename File by Resource Name''
Not used for 2D stamps in Resource Management.

- ''Specify Local Name''
Valid only when a folder is selected.
Folder name localization function.
English folder names can be specified when opening in the English version.

- ''Open the Resources Folder in Explorer''
Not used for 2D stamps in Resource Management.

- ''Open the Import Folder in Explorer''
Not used for 2D stamps in Resource Management.

- ''Copy GUID''
Copy the GUID of the specific stamp.

- ''Sort This Hierarchy by Name''
Sort alphabetically by name within the selected hierarchy/folder.

- ''Sort Selected Elements by Name''
Sort only on multiple selections.

**Rendering Stamp Preview [#fe73ae4d]

This is the stamp preview screen.
Check the appearance when placed on the map, collision and motion.

#ref(Rendering Stemp Preview.png)
- ''Play Button''
Play the motion of the model with motions.

- ''Stop Button''
Stop motion playback.

- ''Collision Display Button''
Turn on/off the display of collisions indicated by white lines.

- ''Preview''
The camera can be rotated and moved by dragging the right mouse button and moved horizontally by dragging the middle mouse button.

- ''Motion List''
This is a list of registered motions.
Click on a motion name to play that motion.

**Rendering Stamp Settings [#t317031e]
This section provides detailed settings for the stamp.

#ref(Readering Stemp Settings.png)
- ''Name''
Specify a name for the stamp.
(You can also change it by clicking twice on the stamp name in the 2D stamp list.)

- ''Basic''

--''Graphic Name''
The name of the model/image specified.

This is a graphic that is specified.
Click on a thumbnail to select a model.
You can also use the jump button to go to the corresponding model asset screen.

Other graphics can be registered as subgraphics.
Add a new subgraphic with "+" and select the graphic you wish to register under "Subgraphic".
Position, rotation, and scale can be specified individually.
If "Apply Position Only" is turned on, the rotation XYZ of the subgraphic will be fixed even if the parent graphic is rotated. This is especially useful for particles.

--''Accurate Collision Setting''
When off, "Simple Collision Settings" is enabled.
When "On" is selected, "Accurate Collision Setting" is enabled. Physics setting registered in the Physics Settings Management can be selected.

--''Overwrite Non-Traversable Terrain''
If this stamp is placed on top of terrain specified as "Non-Traversable", the casts will be able to move over it.

**Simple Collision Settings [#j0d97523]

#ref(Simple Collision Settings.png)
Specify the collision of a box shape.
Specify the collision of a sphere.
Specify the collision of a capsule shape.
You can specify the mesh collision you have prepared.
You can specify the collision for a vehicle.

-''Capsule Axis''
Specify the direction of the axis for capsule collision setting.

-''Mesh Model Name''
The model name of the mesh collision specified in Mesh.

Specify the model you wish to specify for the Mesh collision.

-''Position XYZ''
Specify the position XYZ of the collision model, respectively.

-''Rotation YYZ''
Specify the rotation values XYZ for the collision model, respectively.

-''Size XYZ''
Specify the size XYZ of the collision model, respectively.

**Accurate Collision Setting [#s1b1bf7d]
Select this option if you want to specify more accurate collision settings or add special Physics Settings.
Physics Settings must be prepared in advance in the Physics Settings Management screen.

#ref(Accurate Collision Setting.png)
-''Accurate Collision Setting''
The name of the Physics Setting selected in Physics Setting.

-''Physics Setting''
Select the Physics Setting you wish to specify.

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