What you can do with 2D Stamps

2D Stamps in the Resource menu allows you to register slice animations for casts, create sprite data, and manage image data.


2D Stamp Setting Options

2D Stamp List

This is a list of registered 2D stamps.
The stamps registered in this list will be reflected in the stamp list in the Map Editor.

2D Stamps List.png

2D Stamp List / Right-Click Menu

Right-click in the 2D stamp list to view.


Rendering Stamp Preview

This is the stamp preview screen.
Check the appearance when placed on the map, collision and motion.

Rendering Stemp Preview.png

Rendering Stamp Settings

This section provides detailed settings for the stamp.


Simple Collision Settings


Accurate Collision Setting

Select this option if you want to specify more accurate collision settings or add special Physics Settings.
Physics Settings must be prepared in advance in the Physics Settings Management screen.

Accurate Collision Setting.png

Attach file: fileResouces_2DStamps_SimpleCollisionSettings.png 46 download [Information] fileResouces_2DStamps_Basic.png 50 download [Information] fileResouces_2DStamps.png 53 download [Information] fileRight.png 84 download [Information] fileAccurate Collision Setting.png 95 download [Information] fileRendering Stemp Preview.png 118 download [Information] file2D Stamps List Right.png 84 download [Information] file2D Stamps List.png 102 download [Information]

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