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**Note [#j46540ba]
Comments can be added. They will not be reflected during the game.

**Label Definition [#w9bbf86e]
The "Label Jump" panel allows you to specify a "label" in the event to jump to.
The "label" can be set in the range of 0 to 99.

**Label Jump [#w7cdcf85]
It is possible to jump to a "label" specified within the same event sheet.
The label to jump to is specified in the "Label Definition" panel.
--- This command has the same behavior as the "GOTO" command in the "BASIC" programming language.


-''Jump Destination Label No.''
Assign a label to jump to.
If the corresponding label is not found on the same sheet, this panel is ignored.

--''Fixed Value''
Assign a label number as a direct value from 0 to 99.

--''Variable Box Value''
Assign the label number by the variable value.
If the variable value contains a negative value or a value greater than 100, this panel is ignored.
If the variable value contains a decimal value, this panel is executed if the value is an integer between 0 and 99, after rounding down.

-The Label Jump is a powerful command, but its overuse tends to cause confusion. Please be careful when using it.
-It is strongly recommended to avoid placing multiple identical labels. (It works, but it is confusing.)
-Although it is possible to create a loop process using label jumps, it is necessary to build a process that can skip label jump commands under some conditions in order to exit from the loop.
Note that the "Escape from Loop" panel cannot be used to escape from a loop.

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