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What you can do with the Resource menu "Materials"

Under Materials in the Resource menu, you can configure detailed settings for materials.


Material Setting Options

Materials List.png

Material List / Right-Click Menu

Right-click in the material list to view.

Materials List Right.png

Material Preview

This is a preview screen of the material.

Materials Preview Default.png

Material Settings

This section provides detailed material settings.

Materials Settings.png

[Back Face Culling] The back side of the mesh is not rendered. (Normally, this setting is used.)
[Double Sided] Render both sides of the mesh. (Use this setting when you want both sides of the mesh to be rendered, for example, for grass.)
[Front Face Culling] The front side of the mesh is not rendered.
[Invisible] Does not render the mesh.

Materials Settings Animation.png
Materials Settings Shader_1.png

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