Tool Features


Can you make a first-person game?

First-person games can also be created.

Can I make a multiplayer game?

Not supported at this time.

Can I import my own assets?

You can import assets such as 3D/2D/sound/movies for use in game creation.
Please see Specifications of Various Assets for the standards for each asset.

Is there any DLC for graphics, sound, etc.?

Paid and free DLC are available on Steam.
For a list of DLCs, please click below.

How do I import assets from DLCs?

Clicking the "Add" button on each category in the resource menu opens the asset picker, from which you can import assets.
For 2D/3D assets, you may want to import "stamps".
See 3D Stamps - Import and Export for more information.

Can I backup my project? How can I edit from a backed up file?

Backup file settings can be made in the Top Menu > Configuration.
To resume editing from a saved backup file, go to the Top Menu "History" or "Local PC", select the project you wish to edit, and then select "Continue from Backup".

Is there a way to make the font used in a work exported as a published work the fixed font specified by the work, regardless of the environment of the person playing the work?

First, please make sure that the rights to the font you wish to use have been cleared for distribution.
First, specify "Use the Standard Font" in the Top Menu > Configuration > In-Game Font Style.
Next, place the font file "font.ttf" you wish to use directly under the folder of the project to be exported, and export your work.

Is it possible to specify in-game configurations to enable/disable the dash in a project with the dash enabled?

Dash can be prohibited by using the "Event Panel Enable/Disable Player to Run".

Is there a way to change how the game is operated using variables or events?

It is not possible at this time to change the operating method during the game, such as operating for a side-scrolling game on one map and a top-down perspective game on another map. (It is possible to change the camera's viewpoint for each stage or scene.)


Can I customize the game engine itself by programming?

You can create plug-ins using C#.

However, during the Early Access period, the areas that can be modified by plug-ins are limited.
Please see What are Plug-ins? for more information about currently modifiable areas and how to create plug-ins.

After applying the Bakin update, when I launched the project, I got a dialog saying "The currently added battle-related scripts do not match the version of Bakin itself". How can I fix this?

This dialog will appear if you have applied the Battle Plug-in to your project.

Please try the followings:


Can I prevent an event specified object from falling to the ground when I do a test play?

Right-click on the event placed on the map editor and make sure "Falling by Gravity" is turned off.
"Falling by Gravity" can also be toggled on and off in the properties of each object in the "Placed List" palette.

SEs imported in Resources > Sounds cannot be selected in the command script "Play Sound Effect".

Specify the property "Type" as "SE" for the imported sound data in Resources > Sounds.

Sound effects do not play or sound extremely low.

If "Play as 3D sound" in the "Play Sound Effect" event panel is checked, the volume will change depending on the distance between the event and the player. Uncheck the box if you do not need volume attenuation with distance, such as for system sound use.

Is it possible to widen the collision detection of an event?

The collision range can be specified from "Custom Collision Range" in the event sheet "Change Elements During Sheet Execution".

Can I give event data I have created to others?

Event contents can be exchanged through external files using "Export" and "Import" in the upper right corner of the event editor.
However, resources specified in the event must be exchanged separately.
(e.g., the image data specified in the command script "Display Image" must be given to the other party separately from the event).

Custom events placed on the map are not showing up when the test play is launched.

If a condition is specified for an event to execute, the event will not appear on the map until that condition is met.
For example, let's say you want to create a "villager who joins the party when the player has a certain item" event.
If you want to keep the villager visible regardless of whether or not the player has an item, you need to create an "unconditional" event sheet in addition to the event sheet that has "has an item" as the execution condition.
If there are multiple event sheets, it will check the sheets at the top and bottom of the list to see if the conditions are met.
Please note that if the sheet on which the condition is met is not a parallel event sheet, the event will be terminated by executing the contents of that sheet.

Events fired using the "Generate Events" panel disappear immediately after firing.

In the Database > Casts > Others tab, you can specify "Events Disappearing Conditions" to determine when the cast will disappear after being fired.

How do I get the player to enter a "value" during the game?

If you create an input screen with only numbers displayed in the "String Input" event panel and then have the user input the data, you can treat the variable that receives the input as a "value". However, if a variable has a content other than "value", the variable is treated as "0" if it is treated as a "value".

How do I change the name of a cast member with an event and then display the name of the cast member in the message after the change?

From the Input Support button in the event panel displaying the conversation or message, select \H[Name on Database] and insert it, then replace the [Name on Database] part with [(name of that cast registered in the Database)].

If an event with "Automatically Start (Repeat in Parallel)" selected as the event start condition is executed with a content that loops, the processing will be delayed significantly.

If you do not insert a frame elapse, the system is designed to continue processing without becoming idle as long as possible, so insert a 0-second "wait" panel at the appropriate timing when you want the frame elapse. (It does not freeze because it contains a timeout specification when a maximum of one second has elapsed.)
If you are not sure when to put it in, we recommend just before the "End Loop".

When an imported image is displayed as a sprite using the "Display Image" event or Layout Tool, there is something like a line at the edge of the displayed image.

This can be solved by going to Resources > Images or Resources > Textures and specifying "Clamp" for the Uwarp/Vwrap/Wwrap property of the image that is causing the problem.

Can I change the name of a character who is not in the party?

Not possible at this time.


What is the formula for calculating the increase in cast status?

See Formula for Calculating Level Increase by Experience on the Casts page for the formula for calculating the increase in status when leveling up and the amount of experience it takes to level up.

Is it possible to change the formula for calculating damage when in contact with enemies on maps?

This can be changed by giving them a weapon item and editing the damage calculation formula for that weapon.

Can I specify more than one attribute for a cast (character)?

This can be done by using a system of classes and subclasses.
Currently, one attribute can be specified as a cast-specific ability, but multiple attributes can be added to a cast by specifying a class and/or subclass that has an attribute.

Sometimes an attack misses even if the Accuracy in Database > Casts is set to 100%.

Whether an attack hits or not is determined by taking into account the evasion rate of the attack target and changes in accuracy and evasion rate due to weapons and conditions. During test play, compare the attacker's accuracy with the opponent's evasion rate Total in the Cast Parameter Check View that opens with the F6 key.

At the end of the battle, the effect of the "state" that is specified to increase the "EXP Growth Rate" is not reflected in the result.

For state properties that affect the battle result, turn off the Removal Condition "When Battle Ends". If you want to remove the state after the battle, you can specify the Removal Condition "Time (Seconds on Map)" to 1 (remove the state after 1 second has passed on the map after the battle), or create a common event that works in parallel with the event to remove the state.


How can the terrains be added?

You can add more by going to Resources > Terrains and loading the textures, etc. to be used for the terrains.
See Assets - Terrains for more information.

Can I change the sound of footsteps when walking on terrains?

Footsteps can be specified in Resources > Terrain Properties "Sound Effects".
Import the sound effect you want to use for the footstep sound into Resources > Sounds and specify the property "Type" as "SE" in advance.
The interval between footstep sounds is a point for future improvement.

I imported a model using the asset picker but it does not show up in the Stamps palette in the Map Editor and I cannot place it on the map.

It is the "stamp" that can be placed in Bakin and placed on the map.
If you are importing graphic assets from the DLC, usually add them from the "3D/2D Stamps" section.
Non-stamped resources can be made into stamps by using the "Generate Rendering Stamp" above the file tree for each resource, which will then appear in the Map Editor's Stamps palette.
Stamps that are not in any folder in the file tree are in the "Uncategorized Folder" in the Stamps palette.

I created a battle effect (particle), but the effect does not play until the end during battle.

In Resources > Particle Properties, specify the appropriate value in the Effect Play Time section to ensure that the effect will play to the end.

Can I change the same property options on multiple stamps or resources at once?

Yes, it is possible.
Select multiple resources you wish to change, and rewrite the options in the properties to apply the changes to all selected stamps.

How can I display the polygons on the back side?

In Resources > Materials Properties, specify Double Sided for the Culling section so that the polygons will be rendered on both sides.

How to solve the problem when the game starts behaving slow when placing a lot of 3D stamps?

There is no certain way to do this, as it depends on your environment.
However, the process can be reduced by removing collisions on objects that the player will never come into contact with, or by replacing collisions with simple collisions such as boxes. (In simple collisions, mesh processing is heavier because of the finer collision detection.)
Please check the Resources for the stamps you are using and change the specifications as necessary.

After importing a .fbx, I get a dialog to select the process regarding materials. What does this dialog mean?

If there are materials in the project that have "all the same textures" as the fbx materials to be imported, the "Material Sharing" dialog box will open.
This dialog allows you to choose whether to share the materials or not.
Materials can be reassigned in Resources > 3D Stamps even after importing.

You can share materials with models in your project by assigning existing materials with all the same textures to imported models.


[Advantages/Disadvantages of Sharing]

What is the maximum size of the images (height and width) that can be used?

The size of images that can be used depends on the GPU of the PC used, but we recommend no larger than 8192px per side.
If you have a high-performance GPU, you can of course handle images larger than this.
However, please consider the size used, as the environment of the person playing the exported work will also require equivalent performance.
Note that the size of the "original image of the slice animation" is subject to the same limitation.

[Layout Tool]

Why do the checkboxes in the Layout Tool "Layout to be Assigned" column have different checkboxes on different screens?

Screens with no checkboxes in the layout are screens that are called from other screens.
The checkboxes can be used in the game by specifying them in the "Layout to be Opened" property of the "Container for Elements of Entry Selection" for the layout that has the checkboxes.

I created a new item selection screen layout with the Layout Tool, but it does not show up when I select the item menu in the game.

Screens that do not have a check box to the left of each layout in the Layout to be Assigned column of the Layout Tool are screens that are called from other screens. The newly created layout must be specified in the "Layout to be Opened" property of the Container for Elements of Entry Selection placed on the screen from which it will be called.

How do I create a thumbnail of a project I am working on?

The thumbnail will be thumbnail.png located directly under the project folder.
You can also make a thumbnail of the title screen, etc. by right-clicking in the layout tool preview and selecting the "Capture and Save as Thumbnail".

Can I export layout data and pass them on to other users?

Yes, it is possible. All resources contained in layouts can be exported to a single file, which can then be imported from the Layout Tool.
See Layout Tool for more information.

[Map Editor]

Can I hide the Quick Toolbar in the Map Editor?

You can specify whether to turn the display on or off at the following locations.
The Quick Toolbar also has a function to fix the display position.

Is it possible to erase the project file path in the upper right corner of the Map Editor?

You can turn off the display by going to the "View" menu > "View Project Paths" at the top of the Map Editor.

Can I rotate the battle layout?

Not possible at this time. We are currently considering how to handle this issue.

Can I copy maps to a different project?

Yes, it is possible. With a few exceptions, the resources contained in maps are also copied.
See Multiple Launch of Bakin for more information.

[Game Definition]

Can I turn on/off jump and zoom operations depending on games?

You can specify the assignment of actions to keys and buttons at Game Definition > Rules and Operations > Assign Input Device.
See Assign Input Device for more information.

Can I rotate the camera directly with mouse input during the game?

Not possible at this time.


The operating character cannot climb steps. / It can walk in the air over a cliff.

During test play, open the debug window using the F5 key and check that free fall is not turned off in the system status tab.
Falling by Gravity can be toggled on and off from the context menu by right-clicking on the "Start Point" specified. (You can also switch from the Quick Toolbar).
The "height of steps that can be climbed" and "jumping off from elevation" can be set in the Game Definition > Rules and Operation Settings.

Is it possible to switch between normal and reverse cameras?

It is possible.
The camera operation can be switched on the configuration screen.

How is the success rate of "escape" during a battle determined?

The success rate of "escape" on the player's side is determined by the following formula.
If the "escape" attempt fails, the success rate increases by 15% for each failed attempt.

(1.5 - Highest Agility of the Enemy Party / Highest Agility of the Party (Player)) * 100
Highest Agility of the Enemy Party: The agility value of the fastest monster in the enemy party
Highest Agility of the Party (Player): The agility value of the fastest cast member in the party (player)

If the monster chooses to "escape," the decision is not made and 100% of the time it succeeds.

Operating Environment/Created Works

What is the operating environment of the tool?

See System Requirements for details on operating environment.
In addition, a "Sample Game for Operation Check" is available on the official website for you to try.
(Please refer to the notes on the use of this game.)

What is the operating environment for the created work?

It is the same as the operating environment of the tool.

Does it work with Windows 11?

It works.

Is it available for Mac? Are there any plans to offer it for sale?

At this time, only the Windows version is available.

Test play and sample games are running slow, can this be resolved?

If you are using an NVIDIA GPU and experiencing slowdowns when playing RPG Developer Bakin test plays or sample games, please try the following.

Can I have other people play with my created work?

Yes, it is possible.
The Utilities/Export function can be used to export a project as an exe file.
You can give the exported exe file to another person with a Windows PC to play.
However, the PC of the player must meet the System Requirements.

Are there any restrictions on the content of the work to be produced?

There are no restrictions on the content of games created using this software.
However, we are not responsible for the content of the created game or any problems that may arise when distributing or selling it.
Please confirm the license agreement for the main unit and DLCs before use.

Can I sell the games I have created?

Yes, you can.
No royalties will be paid to us for distribution, whether paid or free.
However, we are not responsible for the content of the created game or any problems that may arise when distributing or selling it.
Please confirm the license agreement for the main unit and DLCs before use.

Can I sell games using songs or 3D models purchased as DLC (downloadable content)?

The content may be sold in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license agreement for each downloadable content.

Can the assets used in the " Sample Game for Operation Check" on the official website be used in the tool?

All can be used.

Can I create an application for mobile devices?

At this time, only works for the PC can be produced.
However, as with the previous "SMILE GAME BUILDER" tool, we plan to export projects created using this tool to other tools, from which they can be exported to home console software and mobile device applications.

Can I export my work for mobile or consumer use?

Although the schedule is not yet decided, we plan to provide some form of functionality to export this tool's project as a Unity project, similar to its predecessor, "SMILE GAME BUILDER". We expect you to use that and export to mobile and consumer devices via Unity.

Is there any way to create and distribute a patch for the exported game? (Patches assuming the original game is available)

We believe it is possible if you create a patch file using a commercially available binary diff tool. (We will not be able to provide specific tool names or instructions on how to create patches, as this is a product of another company.)

What types of controllers can be used in games exported as published works?

Only XInput controllers are supported at this time.
(On Bakin, DirectInput controllers are also available, thanks to controller support by Steam).

The tool does not launch.

If this tool does not launch, see When Problems Occur.

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