Frequently Asked Questions

Tool Features

Can you make a first-person game?

First-person games can also be created.

Can I import my own assets?

You can import assets such as 3D/2D/sound/movies for use in game creation.
Please see Specifications of Various Assets for the standards for each asset.

Is there any DLC for graphics, sound, etc.?

Paid and free DLC are available on Steam.
For a list of DLCs, please click below.

How do I import assets from DLCs?

Clicking the "Add" button on each category in the resource menu opens the asset picker, from which you can import assets.
For 2D/3D assets, you may want to import "stamps".
See 3D Stamps - Import and Export for more information.

How can the terrains be added?

You can add more by going to Resources > Terrains and loading the textures, etc. to be used for the terrains.
See Assets - Terrains for more information.

Can I customize the game engine itself by programming?

You can create and customize plug-ins in C#.
However, only some features are open for acceptance of plug-ins at this time.
We will gradually release more sections through the Early Access period.

Can I prevent an event specified object from falling to the ground when I do a test play?

Right-click on the event placed on the map editor and make sure "Falling by Gravity" is turned off.
"Falling by Gravity" can also be toggled on and off in the properties of each object in the "Placed List" palette.

SEs imported in Resources > Sounds cannot be selected in the command script "Play Sound Effect".

Specify the property "Type" as "SE" for the imported sound data in Resources > Sounds.

Why is a sound effect I put on an event too quiet for me to hear?

Please make sure it is not specified for 3D sound.
If "Play as 3D Sound" is turned on in the command script "Play Sound Effect", the volume will be attenuated according to the distance from the event.

Is it possible to widen the collision detection of an event?

The collision range can be specified from "Custom Collision Range" in the event sheet "Change Elements During Sheet Execution".

Can I give event data I have created to others?

Event contents can be exchanged through external files using "Export" and "Import" in the upper right corner of the event editor.
However, resources specified in the event must be exchanged separately.
(e.g., the image data specified in the command script "Display Image" must be given to the other party separately from the event).

What is the formula for calculating the increase in cast status?

See Formula for Calculating Level Increase by Experience on the Casts page for the formula for calculating the increase in status when leveling up and the amount of experience it takes to level up.

Is it possible to change the formula for calculating damage when in contact with enemies on maps?

This can be changed by giving them a weapon item and editing the damage calculation formula for that weapon.

Can I turn on/off jump and zoom operations depending on games?

You can specify the assignment of actions to keys and buttons at Game Definition > Rules and Operations > Assign Input Device.
If it is a jump, you can turn off the jump by commenting out the following section with "//".

// --- Jump
bind JUMP	X

See Assign Input Device for more information.

Can I change the sound of footsteps when walking on terrains?

Footsteps can be specified in Resources > Terrain Properties "Sound Effects".
Import the sound effect you want to use for the footstep sound into Resources > Sounds and specify the property "Type" as "SE" in advance.
The interval between footstep sounds is a point for future improvement.

Why do the checkboxes in the Layout Tool "Layout to be Assigned" column have different checkboxes on different screens?

Screens with no checkboxes in the layout are screens that are called from other screens.
The checkboxes can be used in the game by specifying them in the "Layout to be Opened" property of the "Container for Elements of Entry Selection" for the layout that has the checkboxes.

I cannot place a menu in the "Free Layout for Event" in the Layout Tool.

At this time, it is not possible to place menus in the "Free Layout for Event".
This will be resolved throughout the Early Access period.

How do I create a thumbnail of a project I am working on?

The thumbnail will be thumbnail.png located directly under the project folder.
You can also make a thumbnail of the title screen, etc. by right-clicking in the layout tool preview and selecting the "Capture and Save as Thumbnail".

Can I hide the Quick Toolbar in the Map Editor?

It can be turned on or off in the Top Menu > Configuration.

Is it possible to erase the project file path in the upper right corner of the Map Editor?

You can turn off the display by going to the "View" menu > "View Project Paths" at the top of the Map Editor.

Can I rotate the battle layout?

Not possible at this time. We are currently considering how to handle this issue.

Can I backup my project? How can I edit from a backed up file?

Backup file settings can be made in the Top Menu > Configuration.
To resume editing from a saved backup file, go to the Top Menu "History" or "Local PC", select the project you wish to edit, and then select "Continue from Backup".

Operating Environment/Created Works

What is the operating environment of the tool?

See System Requirements for details on operating environment.
In addition, a "Sample Game for Operation Check" is available on the official website for you to try.
(Please refer to the notes on the use of this game.)

What is the operating environment for the created work?

It is the same as the operating environment of the tool.

Does it work with Windows 11?

It works.

Test play and sample games are running slow, can this be resolved?

If you are using an NVIDIA GPU and experiencing slowdowns when playing RPG Developer Bakin test plays or sample games, please try the following.

Is it available for Mac? Are there any plans to offer it for sale?

At this time, only the Windows version is available.

Are there any restrictions on the content of the work to be produced?

There are no restrictions on the content of games created using this software.
However, we are not responsible for the content of the created game or any problems that may arise when distributing or selling it.
Please confirm the license agreement for the main unit and DLCs before use.

Can I sell the games I have created?

Yes, you can.
No royalties will be paid to us for distribution, whether paid or free.
However, we are not responsible for the content of the created game or any problems that may arise when distributing or selling it.
Please confirm the license agreement for the main unit and DLCs before use.

Can I sell games using songs or 3D models purchased as DLC (downloadable content)?

The content may be sold in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license agreement for each downloadable content.

Can I create an application for mobile devices?

At this time, only works for the PC can be produced.
However, as with the previous "SMILE GAME BUILDER" tool, we plan to export projects created using this tool to other tools, from which they can be exported to home console software and mobile device applications.

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