What are Casts?

The main character in the game and the characters who are either allies, enemy monsters, or both are generally referred to as "casts".
This section is mainly used to specify the basic stats of the cast, such as HP, MP, attack power, and magic, as well as the personalities and abilities of the available skills, items, and other elements that may be involved in battles in the game.


Function Description

Function Description.png

Cast Ability Values


Cast Ability Values : Basic


Level Curve Dialog

This dialog allows you to specify in detail the amount of experience required for a cast member to reach the next level.


Status Editor

This dialog allows you to add/delete statuses.
Keep in mind that changes made in this dialog will affect other database entries ( items/skills/classes/state definitions), layout data, events, etc. throughout the game.


Status Curve Dialog

This dialog allows you to specify in detail what values each status will have when leveling up.
The view changes depending on the "Target Status" setting.


Cast Ability Values: Equipment and Abilities


Cast Ability Values: Battles


Examples of Battle AI

Cast Ability Values: Effects


Cast Ability Values: Others


Formula for Each Status Increase

Formula for Each Status Increase

The "Growth Type" is preset data for the increase rate of each status value when leveling up.
The increase in status with level-up varies depending on the "growth type," but the value is determined by the following formula.

Example: If the basic increase value is 3 and the growth type is "Accelerated," 3*1.02 is added for LV1 to LV2, and 3*1.02*1.02 for LV2 to LV3.
Decimal points are rounded down in the calculation results. However, only the "Value of increase at previous level" is retained as a decimal.

Formula for Level Increase by Experience

"Growth Speed" is preset data for the rate of increase in experience required to level up.
The amount of experience required to level up varies depending on the "Growth Speed".
The experience table below is based on the case of "Average" growth speed. If other is selected, each factor is calculated and applied to the formula below.


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