What are 'Stamps'?

The "3D Stamps" , "2D Stamps" and "Decal Stamps" in "Resources" are very important to Bakin.
Also, " Terrains" and "Events" in the Stamps palette of the Map Editor are also a type of stamps.
A "stamp" is a combination of assets such as a model, motions, materials, etc. that can be used in a game.Various additional attributes can be added to each resource combination.

In Bakin, what will be placed on maps are basically "stamps".


For example, a resource in "Models" under "Resources" cannot be placed on the map as is.
By pressing the "Stamp" button above the tree column, the stamp will become a "3D stamp" and will be registered in the Stamps palette in the Map Editor.


By using "stamps," you can link different materials to the same model, or keep the same model and other assets, but change only the additional attributes.

Example of a different stamp by changing only the material



An important stamp feature is the "subgraphic," which allows the base stamp to be combined with other stamps.
Using this feature, you can create houses of various shapes by combining stamps for each part such as roofs, walls, and windows, or create a lamp with lights by combining lights with a lamp.


Import from DLC

When importing graphic assets from the DLC, it is convenient to import "stamps".
Importing stamps also imports the associated resources, such as models and motions, at the same time.
For information on importing from DLC, please click here.

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