Camera Settings

Specify the data to be executed from the camera work set up in the Camera Tool.
For more information on how to create camera work, see Camera Tool.


Enable/Disable Camera Operation

Permit or prohibit the player to operate the camera.


Enable/Disable Battle Camera

Specify permission or prohibition of camera during battles. You can specify from the following camera performances.


Change Camera Parameters


Switch Battle Camera Sets

You can switch the camera set to be used during battles.
Battle camera sets can be created with the Camera Tool.


Switch Conversation Scene Camera

When using the "Display Conversation" panel to execute a cast conversation event, you can assign and change the camera that will show the cast graphics to be displayed.
Camera sets for conversation scenes can be created with the Camera Tool.


Attach file: fileSwitch_Conversation_Scene_Camera.png 72 download [Information] fileSwitch_Battle_Camera_Sets.png 95 download [Information] fileEnable_Disable_Camera_Operation.png 135 download [Information] fileChangeCameraParameters.png 177 download [Information] fileEnableDisable_Battle_Camera.png 250 download [Information] fileCamera_Settings.png 277 download [Information]

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