Layout Tool

The layout feature allows for the design and effects of various game screens, menus, and scenes.
For example, a game title screen is assigned a layout called "Title," which is made up of several layout parts such as "Background" and "Title Name.
The actual effect and settings are then performed on the layout parts that make up the layout.
The layout tool brings together all of these layout-related elements.


Screen List

Here, many game screens are pre-prepared for each function and situation, and they are displayed in seven major categories.
Select the game screen you wish to edit from here.
Screens with white background icons are "screens that call other screens" and screens with black backgrounds are "screens called from other screens."
Corresponds to the presence or absence of a check box in the "Layout to be Assigned" column.


Layout to be Assigned

The screens in the screen list are pre-assigned a default layout.
The default layout (layout name in red text) cannot be edited. If you want to rework it and use it, please copy and paste the layout and edit it.


Layout Parts

Layout parts are the components that make up layouts.
Parts of the default layout cannot be edited, but can be copied and then pasted into other layouts.
See Types of Layout Parts and Properties for more information on layout parts.


Layout Preview

This preview screen allows you to check the layout status and place parts.


Property Overview

You can specify detailed settings for each layout and each layout part.

Property Overview1.png

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