If you encounter any trouble while using "RPG Developer Bakin", we would greatly appreciate it if you could take the following actions. In case of a crash, we strongly recommend that you specify automatic backups in the Top Menu -> Configuration.

For further information, please contact us at the following address.
RPG Developer Bakin Official Site Contact Us

  1. When a crash report appears
    If possible, sending us your crash reports would be a great help in our bug-fixing process.
    The crash report includes a history of the tool's operations, so please consider this before submitting the report.
    In addition, the content sent by this function is part of the various logs displayed in the crash report.(to prevent cases where the overall report file size becomes too large)
  2. If "RPG Developer Bakin" is terminated without generating a crash report
  3. Other Problems
    Please send us a message with information about the last operations and the status of the screen (screenshots) to RPG Developer Bakin Official Site Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

If the tool crashes, please check the Windows Task Manager, and if the tool's task is still listed, terminate it, and then restart the tool.

If this tool does not launch

If some error occurs and Bakin does not launch, the following actions may improve the situation.

1. After launching the Steam Client, go to Properties (gear icon) on the right side of the Steam Library page in this tool > Properties > Local Files > Verify the integrity of software files.
2. Try deleting settings.dat, FSMTool.dat and mapedit_docking.config from the Bakin installation directory.

If you still cannot launch the tool after trying these above, please contact us from the Contact Us page.

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Last-modified: 2023-03-10 (Fri) 08:56:12