3D Stamps - Import and Export

What are "Stamps"?

The 3D and 2D stamps in Resources are very important to Bakin.
A "stamp" is essentially a model, motions, materials, etc., all rolled into one for use in the game, and anything placed on maps are "stamps."

For example, a resource in "Models" under "Resources" cannot be placed on maps at this point.
By pressing the "Stamp Button" above the tree column, the model will become a "3D stamp" and will be registered in the stamp palette of the map editor.

By using "stamps," you can link different materials to the same model, or keep the same model and other assets, but change only the additional attributes.

Importing DLC

DLC assets obtained from Steam can be imported from the Asset Picker.
The most straightforward way to import is to import "stamps".

  1. Click the Add button at Resources > 3D Stamps to open the Asset Picker.
    Asset Picker.png
  2. Select the DLC you want to use from the "Additional Menu" column, and the stamps included in the DLC will appear in the "Assets" column of the "Ready to Use" tab.
  3. Select the stamps you want to import from the list, add them, and press the Exit button to import them.
    It is also possible to import by folder or after multiple selections (hold down Ctrl while selecting).

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