Camera Tool

The camera tool creates the camera works for events and for battles.


Camera Tool Setting Options


Camera List / Right-Click Menu

Right-click in the camera list to view.

Canera Tool List Right.png

Camera Preview

This is the preview screen of the camera being created.




Basic Settings


Battle Camera Settings


Change Information

Change Information.png

Camera Preview Operation

Right button + dragging
Vertical and horizontal rotation
Wheel (center button)
Zoom in/out
Wheel (center wheel) + dragging
If the gazing point is the player, offset moves.

If none, move the gazing target moves.

How to create camera work

  1. Click on the + button in the camera list. When the Add New dialog box appears, enter the name of the camera work.
  2. To create a player-centered camera work, select "Player" as the gazing target, "Any Event" to center on an event, or "None" for specific coordinates.
  3. Focus on the very beginning of the pose and use the camera preview to determine the angle.
  4. Set the timing (in seconds).
  5. Click "Add Frame" and set the next pose in the same way as in steps 3 and 4. If you want to create an advanced camera work, you can repeat this process to create it.

Attach file: fileBasic_Settings.png 24 download [Information] fileCameraTool.png 20 download [Information] filePresets_BattleCamera.png 41 download [Information] fileCameraTool_Timeline.png 59 download [Information] fileCameraTool_Preview.png 59 download [Information] fileCameraTool_CameraList.png 65 download [Information] file各マップ.png 75 download [Information] fileバトルカメラ専用設定.png 76 download [Information] file注視先目標.png 73 download [Information] fileTarget.png 40 download [Information] fileLoad from Presets.png 82 download [Information] fileChange Information.png 80 download [Information] fileChange in Speed.png 73 download [Information] fileCanera Tool List Right.png 81 download [Information]

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