Start Settings

Specify the cast to operate at the start of the game, the members to accompany them, the amount of money they have, the maximum number of members to accompany them, and the starting point.


Main Cast

Specify a cast to operate from the casts you have already created.


Initial Accompanied Members

In addition to the main cast, specify the accompanying casts at the start of the game.



Specify how much money they will have at the start of the game and the maximum number of cast members who will accompany them and how they will be displayed.


Items Owned from the Beginning

Specify the items that the main cast has in their possession from the beginning of the game.


Map with Start Point and Appearance Position

Specify the map of the starting point and the coordinates of the location of the appearance.


Attach file: fileGameDefinition_StartSettings_StartPoint.png 133 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_StartSettings_MainCast.png 139 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_StartSettings_Items.png 133 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_StartSettings_InitialAccompaniedMembers.png 128 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_StartSettings_Defaults.png 149 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_StartSettings.png 129 download [Information]

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