Increase/Decrease Item

Increase or decrease the number of items.
When inputting as an integer, it is possible to input from 0 to 99.
You can also specify any variable box.


Discard Item

Display a window for selecting and discarding items.


Item Enhancement

The parameters of a specified item can be increased or decreased.


Change Item Name

You can change the name of a specified item.
You can add words before or after the original item name, such as "Flame" + "Sword," or you can change the item name itself.


Increase/Decrease Money

Change the amount of money in possession.
When entering the amount as an integer, it is possible to enter from 0 to 9999999.
You can also specify any variable box.


Recover/Reduce HP or MP

Increase or decrease the HP / MP of the specified cast.


Fully Recover Party

All casts in the party are fully recovered.
There are no configurable items.


Increase/Decrease EXP

Increase or decrease the experience of all members of the party or a specified cast.


Learn/Forget Skill

This allows a cast member to learn a skill or to forget a skill that has already been learned.


Increase/Decrease Cast's Ability Value


Make/Cure State Changes

Specify the specified state change for the cast.


Attach file: fileDiscard_Item.png 30 download [Information] fileChange_Item_Name.png 41 download [Information] fileItem_Enhancement.png 37 download [Information] fileMakeCure_State_Change.png 50 download [Information] fileIncreaseDecrease_Money.png 60 download [Information] fileRecoverReduce_HP_or_MP.png 118 download [Information] fileLearnForget_Skill.png 108 download [Information] fileIncreaseDecrease_Item.png 80 download [Information] fileIncreaseDecrease_EXP.png 114 download [Information] fileIncreaseDecrease_Cast's_Ability_Value.png 106 download [Information] fileFully_Recover_Party.png 106 download [Information]

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