Increase/Decrease Item

Increase or decrease the number of items.
When inputting as an integer, it is possible to input from 0 to 99.
You can also specify any variable box.


Discard Item

Display a window for selecting and discarding items.


Obtain Item Parameter

Obtain the parameters of the specified item and assign them to the variable by the specified method.


Item Enhancement

The parameters of a specified item can be increased or decreased.


Change Item Name

You can change the name of a specified item.
You can add words before or after the original item name, such as "Flame" + "Sword," or you can change the item name itself.


Obtain Cast Status

Obtain the status of a specified cast and assign it to a variable in the specified method.


Increase/Decrease Money

Change the amount of money in possession.
When entering the amount as an integer, it is possible to enter from 0 to 9999999.
You can also specify any variable box.


Recover/Reduce HP or MP

Increase or decrease the HP / MP of the specified cast.


Fully Recover Party

All casts in the party are fully recovered.
There are no configurable items.


Increase/Decrease EXP

Increase or decrease the experience of all members of the party or a specified cast.


Learn/Forget Skill

This allows a cast member to learn a skill or to forget a skill that has already been learned.


Change Cast Status


Make/Cure State Changes

Specify the specified state change for the cast.


Attach file: fileChange_Cast_Status.png 26 download [Information] fileItem_Enhancement.png 114 download [Information] fileObtain_Item_Parameter.png 108 download [Information] fileObtain_Cast_Status.png 102 download [Information] fileDiscard_Item.png 139 download [Information] fileChange_Item_Name.png 148 download [Information] fileMakeCure_State_Change.png 165 download [Information] fileIncreaseDecrease_Money.png 173 download [Information] fileRecoverReduce_HP_or_MP.png 228 download [Information] fileLearnForget_Skill.png 223 download [Information] fileIncreaseDecrease_Item.png 142 download [Information] fileIncreaseDecrease_EXP.png 234 download [Information] fileIncreaseDecrease_Cast's_Ability_Value.png 214 download [Information] fileFully_Recover_Party.png 217 download [Information]

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