In the "Terrain" section, you can create and set various " Terrain Stamps" which are used to create the ground of maps.
You can import images to create new "Terrain Stamps" and specify various attributes of the terrain, such as Traversable or Non-Traversable.


Terrain Stamp List

This is a list of registered terrain stamps.
The stamps registered in this list will be reflected in the stamp list in the Map Editor.

Terrain Stamp List / Right-Click Menu

Right-click in the Terrain list to view.

Terrain Model Preview

This is the preview screen of the terrain stamp.
You can change how the preview looks by using the right-click menu in the preview.

Terrain Model Attributes

This section provides detailed settings for the terrain stamp.

Attach file: fileResources_Terrains.png 154 download [Information] fileState Changes.png 161 download [Information] fileSpecial Settings.png 159 download [Information] fileMaterial Map.png 162 download [Information] fileAttributes.png 169 download [Information] file角を丸めるNO.png 162 download [Information] file角を丸めるYES.png 147 download [Information] file液体YESNO.png 154 download [Information] file底の繰り返し.png 155 download [Information] file中間の繰り返し.png 159 download [Information]

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