Teleport Event

Move the specified event on the map to the specified coordinates.


Change Event Orientation

Change the orientation of the event.


Make Event Walk

Make the event walk in the specified number of steps and in the specified direction.


Change Event Movement Speed

Change the event's movement speed to any desired speed.


Make Event Invisible/Visible

Make or undo the event transparent.


Change Event Graphic

Change the graphic and motion of the event to be displayed on the screen.


Change Event Motion

Change the motion of the event to be displayed on the screen.


Change Event Y Coordinate

Change the Y coordinate (height) of the event.


Start Event Falling

When the event is in the air, executing this event will initiate the fall.


Change Event Traversable Terrains

Change the passage attributes specified for the " Terrains."


Passage attributes can be referenced and modified in "Resource Management" > "Terrains" > "Terrain Model Attributes".

Change Event Scale

Change the scale (size) of the 3D model specified for the event by a specified magnification factor and time.


Snap Event on Grid

Fit the event to the nearest grid (square).


Make Event Walk to Specified Coordinates

Walk the event by specifying the coordinates of the map.

[Regarding the Behavior when Specifying the Y-coordinate of the Move Destination]
If the moving target player/event is set to "Falling by Gravity on" and the terrain is not connected to the specified elevation, the player/event will teleport to the specified elevation at the end of the movement to make it add up.
Please note that in order to make the player walk while also interpolating the elevation, it must be set to "Falling by Gravity off".


Rotate Event

Rotate the event's orientation and angle, which can be specified for each of the XYZ axes.


Move Event with Physics Engine

Inertia is applied when the event moves.


Change Display State of Event Subgraphic

You can display or hide the subgraphic of the stamp displayed with the event.


Make Event as Operation Target

This is an event panel that allows you to move other events from an event.

Since the execution of this event panel, the specified event can be operated as "This Event".
If you want to restore the original state, use this panel again and specify "This Event" for Operating Event.


Apply Blend Shapes to This Event

Apply a clip created in Resources > Blend Shapes to this event.
For example, you can apply a clip of an "angry" expression to this event.

Note that in order to apply clips to a stamp, the blend shapes created in the Resources > 3D Stamp Properties must be assigned.


Change This Event's Turning Speed

Specify how many degrees per frame this event will turn when changing direction.
Increasing the value causes it to turn faster.
The standard turning speed in the game can be specified under "Standard Turning Speed" in Game Definition > Rules and Operations.


Attach file: fileChange_This_Events_Turning_Speed.png 21 download [Information] fileApply_Blend_Shapes_to_This_Event.png 46 download [Information] fileMake_Event_Invisible_Visible.png 68 download [Information] fileMake_Event_Walk_to_Specified_Coordinates.png 47 download [Information] fileChange_Event_Motion.png 104 download [Information] fileTeleport_Event.png 120 download [Information] fileRotate_Event.png 138 download [Information] fileChange_Display_State_of_Event_Subgraphic.png 163 download [Information] fileMove_Event_with_Physics_Engine.png 154 download [Information] fileMake_Event_as_Operation_Target.png 147 download [Information] fileChangeDisplayStateofEventSubgraphic.png 101 download [Information] fileChangeEventMotion.png 108 download [Information] fileStart_Event_Falling.png 198 download [Information] fileSnap_Event_on_Grid.png 209 download [Information] fileMake_Event_Walk.png 228 download [Information] fileChange_Event_Y_Coordinate.png 211 download [Information] fileChange_Event_Traversable_Terrains.png 201 download [Information] fileChange_Event_Subgraphic.png 131 download [Information] fileChange_Event_Scale.png 203 download [Information] fileChange_Event_Orientation.png 206 download [Information] fileChange_Event_Movement_Speed.png 202 download [Information] fileChange_Event_Graphic.png 190 download [Information]

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