Rules and Operations

Specify basic game settings, such as cast controls and input device assignments (key assignments).


Game System Definition

This section is where you set the rules for the game system.


Movement and Operation Settings

This setting is related to the movement of casts in the game and the player's control of the game.


Camera Movement Range

Specify the range of motion of the camera during game play.


Adjustment Elements for Mouse Input Values

Specify the input range and sensitivity when playing with a mouse.


Assign Input Device

This section describes key and button assignments for keyboard, controller, and mouse operation of the created game.
See Assign Input Device for details on the description method.


Attach file: fileGameDefinition_Rules_Operation.png 7 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_Rules_and_Operations.png 10 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_Rules_GameSystem.png 7 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_Rules_Mouse.png 32 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_Rules_Camera.png 34 download [Information] fileGameDefinition_Rules_AssignInputDevice.png 38 download [Information]

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