Layout Tool Overview

The "Layout Tool" is a function that allows you to create designs for game screens, including the title screen, windows for conversations, various menu screens such as stores, and screens during battles.
Basically, a layout is created by assembling various parts for each "functional screen" that appears in the game.
(There is also a "Free Layout for Event" screen that is not tied to a specific function and can be called up freely from an event.)

Multiple layouts can be created for each screen, and layouts can be switched by specifying them with events.

See Layout Tool for information on the functionality of the Layout Tool, Screen List for information on each screen to be created, and Types of Layout Parts and Properties for layout parts.

Overview of Game Screen Layout Creation

The design of each screen in the Bakin game is created in the following steps:

  1. Create a "layout" for each "screen" in the game.
  2. Create that "layout" with a combination of "layout parts".

See the example below.
Three layouts are created for the "Menu" screen. There is no limit to the number of layouts that can be created for each screen.

The layout named "Master" consists of various parts in the "Layout Parts" column.

Also, the check box for the "Master" layout is checked.
This means that this is the default layout for the Menu screen of this project (game).
Using an event, the Menu screen can be changed to other layouts, such as the "Master-Camp" layout.


Screen Connection

Some screens can be used by being called after certain screens.

For example, the screen that appears before an item is used on the map must be connected as shown below.
"Menu" screen -> "Item Selection" screen -> "Item User Selection" screen
Also, when making a purchase in the store, the screen should transition as shown below.
"Store Selection" screen -> "Buy" screen -> "Quantity Purchased" screen

See the diagram below.


In each screen layout, the layout name "red text" is the system (default) layout specified in the system project.
The contents of the system layout cannot be changed.
Copy and paste the layout in the "Layout to be Assigned" column, and then edit the pasted layout.

Create Layouts

Open a Bakin project and create it using the Master Menu > Layout Tool.

  1. Select the screen for which you want to create a layout in the "Screen List"
  2. Add a layout (or copy and paste an existing layout) in the "Layout to be Assigned" column.
  3. Change layout properties as needed.
  4. Add necessary layout parts in the layout parts tree.
  5. Specify the settings for the added layout parts in the properties of the layout part.
    The "Layout Part Properties" will appear in the same column as the "Layout Properties".

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