Environment Map

How to Create an Environment Map

Textures to be used in the environment map should be in .hdr format.
The XYZ planes of the .hdr format image can be aligned to one of the following states, respectively.

How to Add an Environment Map

  1. Under Resources > Textures, add a hdr format image you wish to use for the environment map from the "Add button".
    (You can also add textures by dragging and dropping them into the texture list.)
  2. Change the "Shape" option in the texture settings to Cube.
  3. Select [Map Settings > Rendering Settings > Environment Map].
    (Note that if the option is not specified for Cube in 2, it will not appear in the list.)

Attach file: fileEnvironmentMap-MapSettings-E.png 59 download [Information] fileEnvironmentMap-Shape-E.png 58 download [Information] fileEnvironmentMap-Add-E.png 56 download [Information] fileEnvironmentMap-Vertical.png 58 download [Information] fileEnvironmentMap-Cube.png 58 download [Information]

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