What are Attributes

Attributes determine the degree of effect or influence when using skills or attacking. Here, you can give casts and skills individuality by specifying affinities between attributes, such as the "fire" attribute being weak against the "ice" attribute but strong against the "wind" attribute.


Function Description

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Attribute Definition Properties


Attribute Definition Properties: Basic

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How to Set Attributes

Attribute compatibility can be set in the "Attribute Definition" section of the Database.
It is the resistance of the attribute being selected that is specified.

Attribute Definition001.png

Enter a numerical value for the multiplier for the currently selected attribute for "when receiving attacks."
At "0", it takes an equal amount of damage.
At "-100", the damage is doubled.
At "50," the damage is reduced by half.
When attacking with bare hands, the "cast" attribute has no effect on damage. If you want to use the attributes of the "cast" when "attacking", please use an item or skill.

Specify Compatibility of Attributes in Attribute Definition

In this case, we will specify that fire, ice, and wind will do double the damage, and half the damage in the opposite case.
"None" indicates no attribute.

We will specify two more in the same way.
2x damage from ice and fire, equal from ice, 0.5x from wind

Ice (Same Attribute)0

2x damage from wind and ice, equal from wind, 0.5x from fire

Wind (Same Attribute)0

Specify Attributes for a Cast

Specify Attributes for Items and Skills

The above settings alone have no effect on the damage, since the attributes of the attacker are not specified.
The attacker's attributes are reflected by specifying the item's "Attribute Attack Power" or the skill's "Attack Attribute".
For this reason, we specify attributes for equipped weapon items or skills.



Example 2: Specify Attack Attribute: Item

Basic Settings
Item Abilities
Attack AttributeFire100
Damage Formula((a.atk - b.def ) + a.eatk * b.edef)

We use a formula that excludes random elements from the default formula.

Attribute Definition010.png

Damage formula: Additions

Here is the damage formula used for this project.
((a.atk - b.def ) + a.eatk * b.edef)

The equation can be reworded as follows.
( (User Status: Attack Power - Target Status: Defense) + User Status: Attribute Attack Power Fire * (Target Status: Attribute Resistance: Fire))

For clarity, let's look at the actual parameter values. This is the value when attacking an enemy cast with the ice attribute.

User (Attacker) Status
Attack Power40
Attribute Attack Power: Fire100
Target (Defender) Status
Defense Power10
Defender Cast AttributeIce
Attribute Resistance: Fire-100

The "Attribute Resistance: Fire" of the target (defender) status is -100, indicating that the Attribute Attack Power has been increased or decreased.
((Attack Power 40 - Defense Power 10) + Attribute Attack Power: Fire 100 * (Defender Cast Attribute: Ice=2x Fire Damage) = 30 + 100 * 2 = 230


Equipping armor items can increase the resistance of an ally's attributes, reducing the damage they receive, or reduce the resistance of an enemy's attributes with a skill's resistance reduction, inflicting heavy damage.


Specify Attributes for Skills

Example 3: Specify Attack Attribute: Skill

Basic Settings
Available in BattlesON
Skill Abilities
Attack AttributeFire
Damage to HP30
Attribute Definition019.png

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