About Event Templates and Advanced Events

RPG Developer Bakin uses "events" to control all game movements, such as the movement of cast members on the map, story progression, and events during battles.

Event Templates

This function allows you to create common situations during RPG creation, such as villagers who give the player hints, merchants who can buy and sell items, treasure chests filled with money, and functions that connect maps to maps, simply by filling in the required fields.
See also the "Event Templates" section of the Stamps Palette for a description of event templates.


Custom Events

It is used to create detailed movements that cannot be achieved with event templates by combining a group of commands called an "event panels". Event templates can also be converted to "Custom events" for customization.
See Event Editor Features for instructions on how to set up a custom event


Common Events

Common Events are events that can be called up and executed at any time during the game, either on the maps or in battles. RPG Developer Bakin has "common events" that can be used both on maps and during battles, and "battle events" that can be used only during battles.
See also the Common Event Palette for a description of common events.


Cast Events

These are events that can be assigned to casts in Database > Casts.
It can be used for purposes such as creating monsters that walk around on maps (symbolic encounters).
You can select a cast of Ally/Enemy/Both from the Map Editor > Stamps Palette > Events tab and place them on a map.
Note that all cast events share the same identical content, so any changes made to cast event A will be reflected in all cast events A throughout the game.

Item Events

These are events that can be assigned to items in Database > Items.
See Weapon/Armor Items in the "Dungeon RPG Sample" for an example of specifying what items can be enhanced using this event.
The item event is triggered when an item is obtained.

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