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This is an enhanced version of the effects editor from SMILE GAME BUILDER. While SMILE GAME BUILDER was dedicated to the creation of magic effects, now BAKIN allows you to use data created with the Sprite Editor in a variety of places, including maps, conversation scenes, battle scenes, and the layout of each screen.


How to Create Animation Data

In this section, we will explain how to create animation data, taking as an example how to create a character's eye blink and lip-sync animation.


1. Open "Resource Management" from the master menu.

2. Select 2D Stamps -> Images.

3. Click "Add" and select the desired images to complete the import. In this section, we will import the character body, eye parts, and mouth parts.


For the image to be animated, set "Slice" to CountSlice in "Texture Settings," and divide the height and width into the number of animated patterns.

In this case, set the number of horizontal divisions to 2 and the number of vertical divisions to 7. For data used in conversation scenes, please turn off the SRGB switch in the texture settings.

5. Select "2D Stamps" -> "Sprites".

6. Click "Add" to open the image selection window, and select a base image.


7. Once the base image is loaded, click "Edit" in the upper right corner of the screen to launch the animation tool.


8. Once the animation tool is activated, move the base image to the position where you want it to appear. (The border will be the size of your screen.)


9. Add a layer and assign the image of the part you want to animate. Here, we will assign "mouth" to layer 2 and "eyes" to layer 3.

When the image appears on the screen, use the mouse or cursor keys to position it where you want it to animate.

The preview image can be zoomed in and out by scrolling the center of the mouse. Click on the eye icon next to the layer name to make the selected layer semi-transparent.


10. Click on the "Add Frame" button to add two frames, and copy the "Eyes" and "Mouth" layers set to frame 0 to the side.


11. Focus on the "eyes" and "mouth" layers of the middle frame, and change the frame to the desired expression.


12. Set the playback time (frames). In this example, the middle frame is set to 1 and the last frame to 30. When you play it back, you will get an animation like the one below.


Explanation of Each Function

Animation List

The list of registered animations will be displayed.

Animation Preview

This is the area where the animation you are creating will be played.

Play the currently selected animation.
Change the scale of the animation preview area. Can also be controlled with the center wheel of the mouse.
A frame with the same ratio as the screen size set in Game Definition -> Project Settings -> Runtime Resolution will be displayed.
If it is turned on, the animation can be played in a loop.
Select the base image to be displayed in the preview area.
Select the background image for the preview area.


Set the animation information. The maximum number of animations that can be set is 60 seconds, and 1 second is 60 frames.

Display the approximate number of seconds that the set number of frames will be played back.
Enter the number of frames to play back the set value.
Screen Flash
Flash the entire screen with the specified color and transparency.
Target Flash
Flash the target with the specified color and transparency.
Sound Effect
Set the SE to be played during animation.
Set the image you want to display and how you want it to be displayed. The smaller the value of the layer, the farther it will be displayed, and you can create up to ○.
Semi-transparency of Layers
Click on the icon to change/hide the brightness of the layer.

Layer Change Information

Color Change Method
Set the color hue and transparency change information of the set image.
Set the display position and change method of the image.
Set the scale and change method of the image.
Set the rotation change method and angle of the image.
Set the image to be used and the coordinates of the frame to be assigned.

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