Variable Boxes (assignment and calculation), String Variables (assignment and text input)

Variable Box Assignment and Calculation

Assign a value to a numeric variable that has been specified in a specified manner.


Advanced Variable Box Operation

Assign the specified parameter to a numeric variable in the specified manner.


Assign to String Variable

Assign a string to a string variable in the specified manner.


Input String Variable

Open a panel for entering strings. The string the player enter is assigned to a string variable.


Advanced String Variable Operation

Assign a specified parameter to a string variable in a specified manner.


String Replacement

Replaces string variable A in the specified variable box with string B.


Obtain Terrain Information

Obtain terrain information for the current position of the player or event or for the coordinates specified in the variable box.

Obtain _Terrain_Information.png

Attach file: fileVariable_Box_Assignment_and_Calculation.png 37 download [Information] fileString_Replacement.png 47 download [Information] fileObtain _Terrain_Information.png 42 download [Information] fileInput_String_Variable.png 38 download [Information] fileAssign_to_String_Variable.png 54 download [Information] fileAdvanced_Variable_Box_Operation.png 46 download [Information] fileAdvanced_String_Variable_Operation.png 33 download [Information]

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