Check the GPU Used

When you start "RPG Developer Bakin", check which GPU your PC is using.
If an onboard GPU is used, the tool may run more slowly, so it is safer to specify clearly that other GPUs should be used when using the tool.

First Thing to Check

  1. Launch RPG Developer Bakin and open "Configuration " on the left side menu of the top menu.
  2. Clicking on the "System Report" button within "Configuration" will open a dialog box that will generate a report of your PC environment.
  3. Please check the GPUs listed in the Summary at the top of the report, and if the Highest performing GPU is not displayed for your PC environment, please specify the GPU used below.

How to Specify GPU to be Used




Check the Backup Feature

In the "Configuration" in the top menu after starting "RPG Developer Bakin", you can set the backup timing for the game you are creating.
The backup feature automatically saves the edited data except for resources.
Backups that have been in place for a certain period of time are automatically deleted.
If you have backup data, you can resume work in the event of any problems by selecting the project from the top menu and then selecting "Continue from Backup".
Be sure to make backups.

Auto Backup.png

When Problems Occur

If you encounter any problems, please read these pages as well: When Problems Occur and FAQ

The tool does not launch.

For those who have problems with this tool not launching, please terminate the task of the sound utility "Nahimic" in the Task Manager, which may improve the situation.

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