2D Assets



The following are the specifications of the original images from which all 2D data is created.
File Format: PNG, BMP, JPG (will be converted to PNG)
Image Size Limit: None (GPU dependent)

[Images] can specify how to slice the image. It is possible to create a single picture without slicing for use in the title screen, etc., or to combine multiple icon pictures into a single image, which can then be sliced into pieces of a specified size for use.

Slice Animation

Bakin calls it "slice animation," in which images of the same size are switched at the same time, like the pixelated characters in Bakin's promotional video. (You can imagine it as a flip book.) If you have used game creation tools like Bakin, you may be able to imagine this format to some extent.


Characters in "Orb Stories" are illustrated in four directions, with each directional walk represented by six pictures.


In Bakin, combining images of indefinite size and adding movement to these images in chronological order is called "sprites". Sprites can be used in a variety of creative ways, such as standing pictures of characters in conversation events, screen switching effects, and animated cursors in menus. If you create according to the appropriate guidelines, you can even make them do lip-synching and blinking.


See Sprite Tool for information on creating [sprites].

Attach file: file移動.gif 108 download [Information] fileパターンアニメd.png 169 download [Information] fileスプライト.gif 119 download [Information]

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