Common Event Palette

Specify events that will not be placed on maps, but will be used throughout the game.
Common Events are categorized into Common Events, which can be used both on maps and during battles, and Battle Events, which can only be used during battles.


Feature Description

Common Event Folder

Add or double-click on the event name in the list to open the settings template for each common event and specify the settings.
Except for "Custom Events," only one of each of the common events can be specified from the template. If you wish to place more than one, perform a "Convert to Custom Event" for each template.
In addition, when converted to a custom event, the following five conditions are used to start the event.

Countdown Timer.png
Compass Event.png
Compass Gameplay 1200.png
Display Money in Possession as Score.png
Display Money Gameplay 1200.png
Display Variable as Score.png
Display Variable Gameplay 1200.png
Letterboxing Gameplay 1200.png

Battle Event Folder

You can create "battle events" that are triggered during battles.
Add or double-click on the event name in the list to open the event editor and specify the event.

Attach file: fileCommonevents_Palette_EN.png 86 download [Information] fileCountdownGameplay1920.png 66 download [Information] fileCountdownGameplay1200.png 117 download [Information] fileLetterboxing.png 98 download [Information] fileLetterboxing Gameplay.png 71 download [Information] fileLetterboxing Gameplay 1200.png 87 download [Information] fileDisplay Variable Gameplay.png 61 download [Information] fileDisplay Variable Gameplay 1200.png 104 download [Information] fileDisplay Money Gameplay.png 62 download [Information] fileCompass Gameplay 1200.png 104 download [Information] fileDisplay Variable as Score.png 95 download [Information] fileDisplay Money in Possession as Score.png 103 download [Information] fileDisplay Money Gameplay 1200.png 110 download [Information] fileCountdown Timer.png 99 download [Information] fileCompass Gameplay.png 62 download [Information] fileCompass Event.png 108 download [Information] fileCommon Events.png 67 download [Information] fileAdd Common Event.png 94 download [Information]

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