Display Conversation

Conversation scenes between cast members can be set up.


Display Message

Display text in the message window.


Display Ticker Text

Display text on the entire screen. Suitable for use in prologues, epilogues, etc.

*Input Support for Wait, Instant Display, Waiting for Input, and Window Auto-Close is not available in this event panel.

Display Effect

Play the effect at the specified display position.


About display position

Display Emoticon

Play the emoticon on the event or player.


Change Map Cast Expression

Change the facial expressions of the cast in the map. To use this function, the 3D model used must have been created to a defined specification.


Attach file: fileDisplay_Message.png 11 download [Information] fileEvent_DisplayConversation.png 51 download [Information] fileChange_Map_Cast_Expression.png 51 download [Information] fileDisplay_Emoticon.png 47 download [Information] fileDisplay_Effect.png 50 download [Information] fileDisplay_Ticker_Text.png 52 download [Information]

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