Screen Effects

Display Effect

Play effects (sprites and particles) at the assigned display position.


Display Image

Display the assigned 2D resources, such as images, sprites, etc.


Display String as Image on Screen

Display the assigned string as an image at any position.
While event panels such as "Display Conversation" and "Display Message" are bound by the layout created with the Layout Tool, this panel allows text to be displayed in any position.
Note, however, that displayed text is treated in the same way as "images" in terms of display priority, etc.


Move Image

You can move the specified image to any location.


Delete Image

Delete the image of the specified control number from the screen.


Brighten/Darken Screen

Fade in and out can be produced at the specified time on the game screen.


Change Screen Color

Additive change of game screen color with specified time, color, and opacity.


Shake Screen

Randomly shake the game screen at the specified time.


Flash Screen

Flash the game screen at the specified time.


Display Save Screen

Force the save screen to be displayed during play.


Display Item Selection Screen


Display Free Layout for Event

You can specify a layout created in the Layout Tool > Free Layout for Event screen to show or hide it.


Display Title Screen

Display the layout created in the Layout Tool > Title screen.


Display Main Menu Screen

Display the layout created in the Layout Tool > Menu screen.


Display Layout Screen

Display the layout created with the Layout Tool.
Specify the screen to be displayed in "Layout Type" and select the layout belonging to the screen to be displayed in "Layout to be Used".


Change Layout to be Used


Specify Game Over

Specify the action to be taken when the party is annihilated, and the game is over.


Display Web Browser

Use the in-player web browser to open the specified web page.


Play Movie

Play the specified movie data.
The volume of the movie is applied to the volume of the sound effect.


Change Rendering Settings

You can change the map's rendering settings using custom or preset data created in the "Rendering" section of the Map Settings.


Change Screen Switching Effect (Transition)

Change the screen switching effects (transitions) when moving to battle or between maps, as defined in Game Definition > System Resources.
You can use it to change transitions only when moving to an important map.


Attach file: fileChange_Screen_Switching_Effect.png 12 download [Information] fileDisplay_Effect.png 11 download [Information] fileAdvanced_Game_Over_Setting_dialog.png 53 download [Information] fileDisplay_Free_Layout_for_Event.png 115 download [Information] fileDisplay_Main_Menu_Screen.png 130 download [Information] fileDisplay_Layout_Screen.png 135 download [Information] filePlay_Movie.png 143 download [Information] fileChange_Layout_to_be_Used.png 135 download [Information] fileDisplay_String_as_Image_on_Screen.png 158 download [Information] fileDisplay_Title_Screen.png 159 download [Information] fileChange_Rendering_Settings.png 161 download [Information] fileDisplay_Web_Browser.png 190 download [Information] fileSpecify_Game_Over.png 198 download [Information] fileDisplay_Item_Selection_Screen.png 180 download [Information] fileDisplay_Save_Screen.png 177 download [Information] fileFlash_Screen.png 181 download [Information] fileShake_Screen.png 185 download [Information] fileChange_Screen_Color.png 194 download [Information] fileBrightenDarken_Screen.png 180 download [Information] fileDelete_Image.png 189 download [Information] fileMove_Image.png 194 download [Information] fileDisplay_Image.png 203 download [Information]

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