What are Skills

Magic and special skills used by the cast in the game are called skills. Here, you can register and create data for various skills. Various skills can be specified, such as those that change the cast's abilities or those that can perform attacks.


Function Description

Skill List

This is a list of registered skills.

Skills Add.png

Skills Properties


Skills Properties: Basic


Basic Settings

Specify basic settings related to the skill.


Consumption Elements

Specify the elements to be consumed when this skill is used.


Skill Abilities

Specify the ability when using the skill.
There are tabs for "Effect on Allies" and "Effect on Enemies," respectively.
The Add button opens the "Ability Selector".
Selecting an ability closes the dialog and allows you to specify the parameters of the ability (e.g., the amount of damage).


Ability Selector

Switch the "Categories" and select the "Ability" that you wish to specify.
The abilities that can be set vary depending on whether it is the "Effect on Allies" tab or the "Effect on Enemies" tab.
If you specify an "Ability" that can only be set one for a skill, it will not appear in this dialog.


Effect When Used

Specify the effect when this skill is used.
Effects can be set for the "Effect on Allies" and "Effect on Enemies" tabs respectively.

Skill Properties: Others


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