What You Can Do with 3D Stamps

3D Stamps in the Resource Management specifies collision, motion, and material settings for the model to be used.

3D Stamp Settings.png

3D Stamp Setting Options

3D Stamps List

This is a list of registered 3D stamps.
The stamps registered in this list will be reflected in the stamp list in the Map Editor.

3D Stamps List.png

3D Stamps List / Right-Click Menu
Right-click in the 3D Stamps list to view.


Stamp Preview

This is a preview screen of the stamp.
Check the appearance of the model when it is placed on the map and check the collision and motion.

Stamp Preview.png

Rendering Stamp Settings

This section provides detailed settings for the stamp.

Rendering Stamp Settings.png

Simple Collision Settings

Simple Collision Settings.png

Accurate Collision Setting

Select this option if you wish to add complex physics settings such as motion-synchronized collisions for door models, etc.
You must prepare your physics settings in advance in the Physics Settings Management screen.

Accurate Collision Setting.png

Motion Setting

Select the motion you added on the motion management screen.
The motion must be specified in the motion management screen in advance.

Motion Setting.png

Materials Used

Lists the materials used in the model registered in the graphic.
By changing the material used, it is possible to change only the material without changing the model.

Materials Used.png

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