Various Branches, Screen Display and Result Confirmation (Battle, Store, Inn)

Select from Selection and Check Results

Make selections.


Execute Battle and Check Results

Execute a battle and handle the branching of winning and losing. The process can be performed for winning and losing separately.


Display Store and Check Results

Display a screen of store where items can be traded. The process can be performed independently for when the store is used or not used.
It is also possible to display a screen to select items to be bought/sold without going through the screen to select whether to buy/sell them in the store.


Display Inn and Check Results

Display an innkeeper. The process can be performed differently for when it is used or not used.


Check Event Switch

Check the on/off of the specified event switch.


Check Variable Box

Check the specified value variable.


Check String Variable Box

Check the specified string variable.


Check Party Cast

Check if the specified cast is included in the party.


Check Items Possessed

Check if the specified item is in possession.


Check Money in Possession

Check the amount of money in possession.


Check Available Item Slots

Check the availability for the item inventory.


Check Whether in Battle (Available only for battle events)

Check if a battle is in progress.

Check Whether in Battle.png

Check Monster in Battle

During a battle, it checks to see if the specified monster is in the specified location.

Check Monster in Battle.png

Check Collision State

Check if the player or event is in contact with any terrain, object, player, or event.


Check Surrounding Collision Detection (Raycast)

Extend a raycast (linear collision detection) from the check source to the specified target and check if it touches the object to be checked.

Check_Surrounding_Collision_Detection (Ray Cast).png

Attach file: fileSelect_from_Selection_and_Check_Results.png 23 download [Information] fileCheck_Collision_State.png 22 download [Information] fileCheck_Available_Item_Slots.png 133 download [Information] fileCheck_Surrounding_Collision_Detection (Ray Cast).png 157 download [Information] fileDisplay_Store_and_Check_Results.png 168 download [Information] fileCheck_String_Variable_Box.png 157 download [Information] fileCheck Whether in Battle.png 209 download [Information] fileCheck Monster in Battle.png 193 download [Information] fileExecute_Battle_and_Check_Results.png 216 download [Information] fileDisplay_Inn_and_Check_Results.png 205 download [Information] fileCheck_Variable_Box.png 191 download [Information] fileCheck_Party_Cast.png 209 download [Information] fileCheck_Money_in_Possession.png 200 download [Information] fileCheck_Items_Possessed.png 224 download [Information] fileCheck_Event_Switch.png 204 download [Information]

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