What are Plug-ins?

Plug-ins are features that extend the functionality of Bakin's tools and engine programmatically using C#.
There are two main types of plug-ins:

As of Septmber 2023, only engine plug-ins have been released for the creation environment.

Plug-in Types

How to Use Plug-ins

Delete Plug-ins

How to Create Plug-ins

(!)Bakin updates may affect the operation of plug-ins created in the past. Please check the differences each time an update occurs.

Key Points When Creating Plug-ins

Plug-in Distribution

Distribution as .csrbr Files

Compressing the event script .cs files and related files into a Zip file and rewriting the extension to .csrbr will make distribution and importing into Bakin easier.

Plug-in Reference

References to currently available classes can be found at the following URL.
RPG Developer Bakin Plug-in Reference:https://rpgbakin.com/csreference/

As of September 2023, the classes used in the creation of event scripts and battle plug-ins are available to the public.

Plug-in Samples

See Plug-in Samples for sample codes of the plug-ins.
Explanations of the sample codes published on the Steam Workshop are available.

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