Execute Battle and Check Results

Execute a battle and perform a branching process for winning and losing.


Status Window ON/OFF

Toggle between displaying and not displaying the status window during battle.


Recover/Reduce Battle Cast's HP/MP

Specify the increase or decrease of HP, MP, and other consumption statuses of the cast participating in battles.


Make Battle Cast as Operation Target


Specify Battle Cast Action


Specify an action of the target cast during the battle. The use of this event panel will nullify the action for that turn.

Make/Cure Battle Cast State Change

Control the state change of the target cast during the battle.


Terminate Battle Forcibly

Force the battle to end. There is no setting item.

Terminate Battle Forcibly.png

Make Monster Appear

Make a monster appear. If you specify an index that has already appeared, the monster will be replaced by the specified monster.


Obtain Battle Information

Obtain information during the battle and assign the specified parameter in the specified manner.


Check Whether in Battle

Check if a battle is in progress.

Check Whether in Battle.png

Check Monster in Battle

During battle, check whether the specified monster appears at the specified index.


Change Battle Speed

You can change the speed of battle progression, from 10 to 1000%.


Attach file: fileRecoverReduce_Battle_Casts_HPMP.png 91 download [Information] fileMake_Monster_Appear.png 126 download [Information] fileObtain_Battle_Information.png 136 download [Information] fileChange_Battle_Speed.png 167 download [Information] fileCheck_Monster_in_Battle.png 199 download [Information] fileMake_Battle_Cast_as_Operation_Target.png 197 download [Information] fileMakeCure_Battle_Cast_State_Change.png 195 download [Information] fileSpecify_Battle_Cast_Action.png 205 download [Information] fileTerminate Battle Forcibly.png 259 download [Information] fileStatus_Window_ONOFF.png 244 download [Information] fileCheck Whether in Battle.png 249 download [Information] fileChange Battle Speed.png 166 download [Information] fileExecute_Battle_and_Check_Results.png 286 download [Information]

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