Event Editor Features

An event is made up of one or more "event sheets," and what conditions are met determines which event sheet will be executed. Then, within each event sheet, "event panels (command scripts)" are placed in the order in which they are to be executed.
This event editor is used to create event sheets and set up the event panels that contain them.


Sheet List (Lower Priority)

Operate event sheets with combined event panels.

Conditions to Run This Sheet

Specify the conditions under which the selected event sheet will be executed.
If multiple conditions are specified, it will be executed when all of them are met.
If no condition is specified, it is executed unconditionally.

Change Elements During Sheet Execution

Specify the elements that will change when the selected sheet is executed.

Collide Range.png
Specify the Movement Range.png

Command Script to be Activated During Sheet Execution

This is the screen for operating "command scripts" that combine event panels to create commands, which can be considered the main body of events.

Command Script to be Activated DuringSheet Exectution.png

Script Edit Screen

Panel Type

The panel type is to graphically arrange the event panels as if arranging cards in sequence. The progression of events is visual and easy to understand.


Text Type

The event panel is displayed in text type, one line of sentence at a time. The type of event can be identified by the color of the text; the advantage is that more information can be displayed on a single screen.


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